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# Conspiracy Theory

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YouTube/Google on Misinformation and Hate Speech
YouTube sides with misinformation and hate speech spreaders
Timeline: Latest / 19 News May 26, 2021, Wednesday
South Korea’s elderly alt-right unite on YouTube - Rest of World
Alt-right communities based on misinformation and religious fundamentalism have become a subtle but looming force in national politics.
Facebook on Misinformation
Facebook has traded moral accountability for commercial gain
Timeline: Latest / 127 Media May 10, 2021, Monday
Researchers Say They’ve Uncovered a Massive Facebook Bot Farm from the 2020 Election – Mother Jones
The 14,000-account "political manipulation" network sent posts on Trump, Biden, and COVID.
Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theory Deluge
a series of unevidenced claims centered on the false allegation on Hunter Biden, They have...
Timeline: Latest / 14 Law Dec 09, 2020, Wednesday
Hunter Biden, long a GOP political target, reveals he is subject of federal tax probe - ABC News
Hunter Biden, the president-elect's embattled son, announced Wednesday that federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating his "tax affairs."
Meet the Propagandists and Conspiracy Theorists Behind the One America News Network
The president has taken a shine to the far-right channel’s fictional pro-Trump reports.
Timeline: Latest / 4 Politics Jun 11, 2020, Thursday
Is OAN the Leading Edge of Russian Misinformation? - The Atlantic
The Biden campaign says Trump’s favorite TV network is peddling the Kremlin’s lies.