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# 2020 Election

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The 2020 United States Presidential Election
The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. I...
Timeline: Latest / 474 News Jul 08, 2021, Thursday
Inside Donald Trump’s Last Days in the White House and Plans for a Comeback - WSJ
The president’s effort to overturn the election alienated much of his inner circle—but solidified his dominance of the GOP. Now he’s planning his return.
2020 Runoff Senate elections in Georgia
Runoff Senate elections in Georgia could determine balance of the Senate
Timeline: Latest / 99 Politics May 08, 2021, Saturday
GOP’s Voting Curbs Show Long Reach of 2013 Supreme Court Ruling - Bloomberg
Republicans across the U.S. can thank the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts as they enact the country’s most significant voting restrictions in generations.
Senate Seats Play In 2020
The 2020 United States Senate elections will be held on November 3, 2020, with the 33 clas...
Timeline: Latest / 93 Politics Jan 21, 2021, Thursday
Ossoff in the Senate: ‘I can’t waste a minute that’s available to do good.’
WASHINGTON -- Jon Ossoff won his seat in the U.S. Senate with the overwhelming backing of Black voters – and he wants his opening moments in office to reflect that coalition of support.
Joe Biden 2020 Presidential Campaign
Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead.
Timeline: Latest / 109 Politics Dec 07, 2020, Monday
Biden campaign becomes first to raise $1 billion from donors • OpenSecrets
The Biden campaign is the first in history to raise $1 billion from donors, adding yet another broken record to the 2020 cycle.
Voting By Mail In 2020 Election
The coronavirus pandemic is set to change the way millions of Americans can vote in Novemb...
Timeline: Latest / 128 Law Nov 16, 2020, Monday
Supreme Court Does Not Take Up Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Case | America 2020 | US News
Republicans have asked the high court to block all absentee ballots that arrived in Pennsylvania after Election Day. The Supreme Court on Monday took no action on the case.
Supreme Court Stop 1 Million Floridians From Voting
The justices refused to halt Florida’s poll tax on ex-felons—and didn’t bother expla...
Timeline: Latest / 38 Politics Oct 23, 2020, Friday
In 2018, Florida enfranchised former felons. They’re still fighting for the right to vote. - The Washington Post
In a ballot initiative, 1.4 million were enfranchised, but the state found a way to thwart the will of the people.
California GOP Caught Installing Unofficial Ballot Drop-Off Boxes for Election
One state Republican operative posted a photo of himself next to one of the very unofficia...
Timeline: Latest / 15 News Oct 20, 2020, Tuesday
California AG says GOP hasn't complied in ballot box inquiry - Los Angeles Times
California Republicans say their ballot drop box program has followed all regulations and accuse Democratic officials of partisan retaliation.
2020 United States Senate election in Kentucky
The 2020 United States Senate election in Kentucky will be held on November 3, 2020, to el...
Timeline: Latest / 12 News Sep 16, 2020, Wednesday
Mitch McConnell Winning TV Air War Over Amy McGrath, Thanks To PACs
McConnell's campaign and allied PACs have purchased or booked over $25 million in TV and radio ads for the general election, more than double those backing McGrath.
Andrew Yang: 2020 Presidential Campaign
Yang, who built his campaign around the universal basic income, had risen from relative ob...
Timeline: Latest / 19 News May 21, 2020, Thursday
Twitter's Jack Dorsey Is Giving Andrew Yang $5 Million to Boost UBI - Rolling Stone
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