2020 Election

Andrew Yang: 2020 Presidential Campaign
npr.org Feb 11, 2020
Andrew Yang Ends His 2020 Presidential Campaign : NPR
Yang, who built his campaign around the universal basic income, had risen from relative obscurity and built a loyal following of supporters.
2020 United States Senate election in Kentucky
motherjones.com Nov 25, 2019
Mitch McConnell’s Opposition to Federal Election Security Is Hitting Home – Mother Jones
Kentucky officials say local voting systems are "one emergency away from disaster."
The 2020 United States presidential election
npr.org Domenico Montanaro Feb 12, 2020
6 Takeaways From The New Hampshire Primary
Sen. Bernie Sanders won narrowly, but can he expand his base? Pete Buttigieg again did well, but in another largely white state. And the story of the night was Sen. Amy Klobuchar's third-place finish.