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RS Recommends: Tegan and Sara’s Memoir ‘High School’ Is a Moving Coming of Age Story | rollingstone.com
Twin sister indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara have always specialized in remaking well-worn forms in their own image — from their ear
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The 12 greatest albums about Los Angeles, California | nme.com
Take a trip to the West Coast with these brilliant records ![](https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/55/2019/07/la-al
Liz Phair talks about how ‘Horror Stories’ is more a memoir by a rock star than a rock-star memoir | chicago.suntimes.com
The new book is a collection of personal essays by the former Chicago rocker who first made her mark more than a quarter century
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An academic study of the Stones is tone-deaf both to the band’s music and their mystique | theguardian.com
North American academia is currently all over pop culture. A course on Lady Gaga (Sex, Gender and Identity) offered by the Unive
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It’s Liz Phair. What did you expect? ‘Horror Stories’ is her own journey. | chicagotribune.com
Phair, now 52, hasn’t sent any musical postcards since then, but now she has written a lively, insightful letter in the form of
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Ten Albums you must listen to in May | bbc.com
BBC recommended 10 Albums in May
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Tegan And Sara Find Pain — And Unexpected Joy — In 'High School' | npr.org
High school was a tumultuous time for Canadian identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin. They both, separately, were coming to terms
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12 Great Books About Rock And Roll | buzzfeednews.com
From Debbie Harry’s upcoming memoir to Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad. ![](https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-stati
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Patti Smith and Liz Phair memoirs, Questlove's Cookbook and more music books this Fall | latimes.com
Summer concert season may be winding down but these books by — and about — musicians will keep the spirit flowing. Here are 11
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In ‘Move on Up,’ Aaron Cohen offers a portrait of Chicago through its soul music | chicagotribune.com
“Most of what’s done in this city is prompted by politics, and most of black politics is supported by music. And so the music an
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