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Wisconsin Man Jacob Blake Shot By Kenosha Police into his back at close range

Jacob Blake was airlifted to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, where he is in serious condition. The officers have been placed on leave.

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Aug 29, 2020, Sat News Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
'7 Bullets, 7 Days': Protesters March For Blake In Kenosha
KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — With chants of “One person, one vote!" and "No justice, no peace!” a crowd of about 1,000 demonstrators gathered outside a Wisconsin courthouse Saturday to denounce police...
cover News Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
Arizona Student Group Slammed For Raising Money For Gunman
TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — A Republican student group at Arizona State University is receiving backlash for donating money to the 17-year-old gunman who fatally shot two protesters in...
cover News Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
Here’s How Kenosha Cops Will Try To Get Away With Nearly Murdering Jacob Blake – Mother Jones
The police union released its version of events. In a more humane world, it'd be a confession.
cover News Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
"Not A Family Friendly Event": Militia Leader Invokes Kenosha Killer On Eve Of "Straight Pride" Rally Backed By Local Pastors - It's Going Down
Last year, Don Grundmann, a former member of the militant pro-life group Operation Rescue, who has been involved in far-Right and pro-life groups for much of his life, finally gained his 15 minutes of fame after calling for a “Straight Pride Parade” in Modesto, California, located east of the bay area. Community opposition to the... Read Full Article
cover Politics Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
Systemic Racism, Explained (to Kids) - Vox
Today, Explained to Kids takes on the summer of protests and violence.
Aug 28, 2020, Fri News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
Kenosha Police Union Gives Its Version Of Blake Shooting
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Kenosha police union on Friday offered the most detailed accounting to date on officers’ perspective of the moments leading up to police shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back, saying he had a knife and fought with officers, putting one of them in a headlock and shrugging off two attempts to stun him.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
A New March On Washington Through The Eyes Of Black Families — Including Jacob Blake’s | PBS NewsHour
Thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Friday to commemorate the iconic 1963 March on Washington -- and to communicate a message of their own, calling for an end to the killing of Black Americans at the hands of police. Yamiche Alcindor reports and talks to Jacob Blake Sr., father of Jacob Blake, whose shooting this week by Kenosha police sparked new outrage.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
In Kenosha, Jacob Blake’s Shooting Deepens Longstanding Resentments And Fears - The Washington Post
Former officials say the city has been too slow to embrace reforms that could build trust.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
WATCH: Kenosha Police Chief Says Officers Didn’t See Protest Shooter As Threat | PBS NewsHour
What the officers were driving into in this case, said Chief Mikinis, "was a shots fired complaint, not a shooting, not a person down complaint."
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police | HuffPost Canada
New data shows that far-right vigilantes, often with support from cops, have threatened protesters nearly 500 times since police killed George Floyd.
0 News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
March On Washington Highlights Generational Divide On Police Reform - POLITICO
Speakers throughout the day emphasized a moderate message at odds with the demands for a more sweeping criminal justice overhaul voiced by many in the crowd.
Aug 27, 2020, Thu
Aug 26, 2020, Wed News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
WNBA Calls Off Wednesday's Games In Response To Jacob Blake Shooting
The WNBA called off its three scheduled games Wednesday, joining the NBA in protesting the Jacob Blake shooting by Wisconsin police.
cover News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
Kenosha Shootings: Two Killed And One Injured In Chaotic Night - The New York Times
An Illinois teenager was arrested in violence that occurred during a confrontation between demonstrators and a group of men armed with guns as protests continued over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
cover News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
17-year-old From Illinois Arrested After 2 Killed During Unrest In Kenosha - POLITICO
Two people were killed Tuesday night and a third was wounded in the attack.
cover News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
They Tried To Get Trump To Care About Right-wing Terrorism. He Ignored Them. - POLITICO
Officials at the Department of Homeland Security waged a yearslong internal struggle to get the White House to pay attention to the threat of violent domestic extremists. Frustrated, they gave up on the Trump administration.
cover News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
Boycott: NBA Playoff Games Called Off Amid Player Protest - POLITICO
The Milwaukee Bucks had declined to take the court.
cover News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
What Conservatives Really Mean When They Call For Law And Order – Mother Jones
Hint, it has nothing to do with white vigilantes.
Aug 25, 2020, Tue
Aug 24, 2020, Mon News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
“Paid Vacation” For Kenosha Cops Who Shot Unarmed Jacob Blake In The Back
Being in the midst a summer of unprecedented racial and political unrest was apparently not enough to stop Kenosha police from emptying seven rounds into the back of yet another unarmed black man., Jacob Blake, Kenosha, Police, Protests, Wisconsin,
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
NAACP | President And CEO Of The NAACP Issues Condemning Statement In The Shooting Of Jacob Blake.
The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Joe Biden For President: Official Campaign Website Statement By Vice President Joe Biden On The Shooting Of Jacob Blake In Kenosha, Wisconsin
Yesterday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back as police attempted to restrain him from getting into his car. His children watched from inside the car and bystanders watched in disbelief. And this morning, the nation wakes up yet again with grief and outrage that yet another Black American is […]
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Wisconsin Shooting Victim Hires Floyd’s Attorney: Protest Wrap - Bloomberg
The family of Jacob Blake, the unarmed Black man who was shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has retained attorney Ben Crump, who also represents the family of George Floyd, whose killing in Minneapolis police custody in May ignited protests around the globe.Blake’s shooting set off another wave of demonstrations just as Republicans renominated President Donald Trump, who has made criticism of protests against police shootings a centerpiece of his campaign.
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Biden Calls For Immediate Probe Into Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake | TheHill
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called for an immediate investigation into the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot in the back by police in Wisconsin, triggering violence in the state.
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Jacob Blake: Protests Erupt After Black Man Shot By Wisconsin Police
Officials in Wisconsin are investigating after a video captured Wisconsin police shooting a Black man multiple times in the back. Here's what we know.
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Press Release: Gov. Evers Releases Statement On Kenosha Shooting
Gov. Evers tonight released the following statement regarding the officer-involved shooting that critically injured a Black man in Kenosha. “Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries. While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country. We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country—lives like those of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, Tony Robinson, Dontre Hamilton, Ernest Lacy, and Sylville Smith. And we stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites. I have said all along that although we must offer our empathy, equally important is our action. In the coming days, we will demand just that of elected officials in our state who have failed to recognize the racism in our state and our country for far too long.”
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
The Shooting Of Jacob Blake Is A Wake-Up Call
The national conversation may have moved on from police violence, but the shootings themselves continue.
Aug 23, 2020, Sun
Jul 31, 2020, Fri

Shooting Of Jacob Blake - Wikipedia
On August 23, 2020, Jacob S. Blake, a 29-year-old African American man, was shot and seriously injured by police officer Rusten Sheskey in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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