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Voting By Mail In 2020 Election

The coronavirus pandemic is set to change the way millions of Americans can vote in November, and Trump Administration to Kill the U.S. Postal Service

Aug 24, 2020, Mon ...

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifying before the House Oversight Committee.

Aug 22, 2020, Sat ...

U.S. House Pass H.R.8015 - Delivering for America Act

Aug 19, 2020, Wed ...

Nancy Pelosi spoke with Postmaster General DeJoy

May 07, 2020, Thu ...

Republican donor Louis DeJoy named U.S. postmaster general

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifying before the House Oversight Committee.

Aug 22, 2020, Sat

U.S. House Pass H.R.8015 - Delivering for America Act

Aug 21, 2020, Fri
Aug 20, 2020, Thu News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
Last-Minute Challenges Are Delaying Mail-In Voting In Key Battleground States
In some cases, ballots could be delayed getting to voters. News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
Why Rural America Is Fighting The Trump Administration On The Post Office : NPR
The agency serves areas where private carriers won't go. And in those remote communities, which helped elect the president, the Postal Service can be seen as a lifeline as well as a human connection.
cover News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
Utah Passes Election Bill Requiring In-person Voting Options
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah legislators unanimously voted during a special session Thursday in favor of a plan for the November election that includes outdoor voting and additional ballot drop boxes in rural parts of the state.
cover News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
USPS Headquarters Tells Managers Not To Reconnect Mail Sorting Machines, Emails Show - VICE News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
Census Says Paper Forms Must Be Postmarked By Sept. 30 : NPR
After Oct. 7, the Census Bureau will stop accepting paper 2020 census forms postmarked by Sept. 30, NPR has learned. Some worry mail delays could harm the accuracy of census data about rural areas.
Aug 19, 2020, Wed

Nancy Pelosi spoke with Postmaster General DeJoy News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi Statement After Conversation With Postmaster General | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
This morning, I spoke with Postmaster General DeJoy and conveyed to him that his announcement is not a solution and is misleading.
cover News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
DeJoy's USPS Policy Rollbacks Don't Appear To Change Much
The statement seems more designed to quiet criticism than implement any changes.
cover News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
Here’s A Deep Dive On 40 Years Of Right-wing Attempts To Destroy The US Postal Service – Raw Story
THE BILLIONAIRE BEHIND EFFORTS TO KILL THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE is a deep dive into how Charles Koch marked the U.S. Postal Service for privatization in the early 1970s and how he is using the Koch empire to push his political agenda to this day, when the postal service is ripe for taking.
0 News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
Bill Moyers Talks With Lisa Graves About The Ongoing Threat To The US Postal Service –
Researcher Lisa Graves tells me how the Koch Brothers and other special interests have been trying to kill the USPS since the 1970s.
0 News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
“The Post Office Has Always Been Political” – Mother Jones
Fights over the mail aren’t new—but there’s never been one quite like this.
Aug 18, 2020, Tue News Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
Susan Collins Engineered The USPS Disaster She’s Now Protesting | Washington Monthly
Trump may be trying to sabotage the election, but the war against the Postal Service goes back decades. News Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
Postal Service Halts Some Operational Changes Amid Outcry
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Postmaster general says he is halting some operational changes until after the November election. Democrats had contended that the changes caused disruptions that threatened mail-in voting, and some states planned to file lawsuits.
cover Politics Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
Postmaster General To Suspend USPS Changes Until After Election - WSJ
Louis DeJoy said the U.S. Postal Service is suspending operational changes, like removing mail processing equipment and collection boxes, until after the election, as the agency tries to reassure Americans that it can handle the anticipated surge in mail-in voting.
cover News Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
At Least 20 States Plan To Sue The U.S. Postal Service Over Service Delays, Threat To Election - The Washington Post
The challenges come amid reports of mail delays across the country following new procedures put into place by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
Aug 17, 2020, Mon News Aug 17, 2020, Monday
Postal Crisis Has States Looking For Alternatives To Mail-In Ballots - The New York Times
A crisis of confidence in the Postal Service is pushing Democratic Party and state officials to look for a Plan B: ballot drop-boxes, curbside voting, and even expanded in-person polling sites.
cover News Aug 17, 2020, Monday
WASHINGTON - Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) urged the FBI to evaluate whether Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, or Members of the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service, committed any crimes in light of nationwide delays and issues with the United States Post Office. The letter comes after multiple media reports have shown that actions by Postmaster DeJoy and the Board of Governors have slowed mail delivery, and following the President's expressed dismay that funding USPS will expand voting by mail.
cover Politics Aug 17, 2020, Monday
Lawsuit Against Trump, Postal Chief Seeks Proper Funding
NEW YORK (AP) — Several individuals including candidates for public office sued President Donald Trump and the U.S. Postal Service and its new postmaster general in New York on Monday to ensure adequate funding for postal operations.
Aug 16, 2020, Sun
Aug 15, 2020, Sat News Aug 15, 2020, Saturday
Taylor Swift Speaks Out Against Donald Trump's “Calculated Dismantling Of USPS” | Teen Vogue
“He's chosen to blatantly cheat.”
cover News Aug 15, 2020, Saturday
Pelosi Weighs Bringing House Back Early To Address Postal Service Crisis - POLITICO
The chamber has no votes scheduled until mid-September, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi might bring lawmakers back sooner.
cover News Aug 15, 2020, Saturday
Inside Trump's Obsession With The Postal Service - The Washington Post
The president is trying to make the post office a tool in his reelection campaign by slowing mail service, blocking an emergency infusion of federal funds and challenging the integrity of mail-in balloting.
cover News Aug 15, 2020, Saturday
FedEx And UPS Dismiss Calls To Ship Mail-in Ballots Amid USPS Warnings Of Delays
Private companies are technically barred from handling state ballots.
cover News Aug 15, 2020, Saturday
An All-out War Over Mail Voting Has Erupted In Courts Across The U.S. Here's What's At Stake.
Legal battles will have an outsize impact on whose vote gets counted this year, and voting rights advocates fear new rules will perpetuate old problems.
Aug 14, 2020, Fri News Aug 14, 2020, Friday
UPS, FedEx Shut Down Calls To Handle Mail-in Ballots, Warn Of 'significant' Problems: Report | TheHill
As concern mounts that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will not be able to handle an influx of mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic, many on social media have called for delivery services FedEx and UPS to step-up. But the companies say they can't.
cover News Aug 14, 2020, Friday
USPS Inspector General Reviewing DeJoy's Policy Changes | TheHill
The U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) inspector general is reviewing policy changes implemented by new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and probing his compliance with federal ethics rules.
cover News Aug 14, 2020, Friday
Postal Service Warns States Across US About Mail Voting
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service is warning states coast to coast that it cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted, even if...
cover News Aug 14, 2020, Friday
Michigan’s Postal Workers Say The Fix Is In – Mother Jones
As Trump's Postmaster General pushes cuts, union leaders warn "there's no other explanation" aside from vote suppression.
News Michigan
0 News Aug 14, 2020, Friday
Internal USPS Documents Outline Plans To Hobble Mail Sorting
'This will slow mail processing,' a union official wrote on one of the documents announcing the machine removals. Politics Aug 14, 2020, Friday
Obama: Trump Is Trying To ‘kneecap’ Postal Service - POLITICO
The criticism from Obama came in response to Trump’s admission Thursday that he opposes additional federal funding for the Postal Service.
Aug 13, 2020, Thu News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Donald Trump Can Do More Than Attack Post Office Funding. He’s Mounting A Legal War Against Mailed Ballots. | HuffPost
The president's attack on the U.S. Postal Service presages a legal fight to stop absentee ballots from being counted.
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Flawed D.C. Board Of Elections Mailer Causes Confusion For Residents - The Washington Post
The D.C. Board of Elections said the form has a “design flaw” and is encouraging voters to disregard an instruction to tear it in half.
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Trump Says Postal Service Needs Money For Mail-in Voting, But He’ll Keep Blocking Funding - The Washington Post
Congressional Democrats urged the USPS not to abandon long-standing practices for election mail processing to ensure the timely delivery of ballots.
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Postal Service Changes Pose Threat To Voting, Says Former USPS Deputy | US News | The Guardian
Ron Stroman, who stepped down as deputy postmaster general this year, warned that new policies at USPS could disenfranchise voters
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Trump-Appointed Judge Demands Evidence Of Mail-in Voting Fraud - Bloomberg
A federal judge appointed by Donald Trump gave the president’s campaign one day to turn over evidence to support its claims of widespread mail-in voting fraud or admit that it doesn’t exist.
Aug 12, 2020, Wed Politics Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Ohio Secretary Of State Frank LaRose OKs One Voting Drop Box Per County - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH
Ohioans will be able to cast absentee ballots in drop boxes at their county boards of elections, but Secretary of State Frank LaRose warned voters against
News Ohio
0 News Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Maine Letter Carriers Say Collins Paved The Way For Trump’s Attack On Postal Service | Beacon
Years before the Trump administration began instituting cost-cutting measures that has created a national slowdown in mail delivery, Sen. Susan Collins sponsored legislation that Maine letter carriers now say manufactured a financial “crisis” in the U.S. Postal Service that has been used ever since
cover News Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Financial Disclosures Reveal Postmaster General's Business Entanglements And Likely Conflicts Of Interest, Experts Say - CNNPolitics
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues to hold a multimillion-dollar stake in his former company XPO Logistics, a United States Postal Service contractor, likely creating a major conflict of interest, according to newly obtained financial disclosures and ethics experts.
cover News Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Twitter Plans Clampdown On Mail-in Voting Misinformation Amid Friction With Trump - POLITICO
Twitter said users can expect to see the platform roll out its new election-related policies, tools and resources over the next month.
cover News Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi, Maloney Joined By 173 House Democrats In Calling On Postmaster General To Reverse Assault On Postal Service | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
In a new letter to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Committee on Oversight and Reform Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and 173 other House Democrats today called for the reversal of policies that have worsened the crisis facing the Postal Service and exacerbated a dramatic increase in delayed and undelivered mail.
Aug 11, 2020, Tue News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Ohioans Getting Random Absentee Ballot Applications From 'Center For Voter Information' | WSYX
Central Ohio residents last week began receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail, which they did not request, sent by a group called the "Center for Voter Information. " The Ohio Secretary of State and a spokesman for the Franklin County Board of Elections said this week that the forms "will work" and are "legitimate.
cover News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
A New Clash Over Mail Voting: The Cost Of The Postage - The New York Times
Senator Chuck Schumer assailed the Postal Service for what he said was an effort to triple the cost to states of sending out mail-in ballots. The service said it was just a suggestion to use first-class mail.
cover News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
How Are Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's Changes Affecting Workers? : NPR
NPR's Noel King talk to Kimberly Karol, president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union, about changes Postmaster General DeJoy is implementing. Karol, a postal clerk, says mail is piling up in her office.
cover News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Postal Workers Decry Changes And Cost-Cutting Measures : NPR
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's plans to shake up the agency are gathering opposition from some of its workers. The U.S. Postal Service has had financial problems for years. It lost $9 billion last year. It's not supported by tax dollars; it's funded by postage and services. News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
How To Vote By Mail: A Guide To Send In Your Ballot : Life Kit : NPR
If you're planning on voting this fall — which you should be — you can probably mail in your ballot instead of voting in person. Here's how to do that.
cover Politics Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Two-Thirds Of Republicans Not Confident Election Will Be Fair After Trump Attacks Voting System: Poll
A majority of Democrats, 53 percent, said they were confident the election will be held fairly.
Aug 10, 2020, Mon
Aug 09, 2020, Sun
Aug 08, 2020, Sat News Aug 08, 2020, Saturday
Where’s My Mail? As Baltimore-area Customers Complain Of USPS Delays, Officials Wrangle Over Election Ballot Deadlines - Baltimore Sun
Residents in the Baltimore metro region say they’ve sometimes waited more than a week for important mail and packages as people across the country have been reporting delays with the United States Postal Service.
cover News Aug 08, 2020, Saturday
Trump Exploring Executive Actions To Curb Voting By Mail - POLITICO
Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party have taken to the courts dozens to challenge voting rules. Trump's aides are pondering possible executive actions.
cover News Aug 08, 2020, Saturday
Postal Service Overhauls Leadership As Democrats Press For Investigation Of Mail Delays - The Washington Post
Lawmakers want the inspector general to examine Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s cost-cutting measures and investments.
cover News Aug 08, 2020, Saturday
Organizational Changes At Postal Service Come Amid Slowdown Concerns
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy imposed a new organization structure just days after meeting with the top two Democrats in Congress.
Aug 07, 2020, Fri News Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Postal Service Loses $2.2B In 3 Months As Virus Woes Persist
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service says it lost $2.2 billion in the three months that ended in June as the beleaguered agency — hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic — piles up financial losses that officials warn could top $20 billion over two years.
cover News Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Postmaster General Accuses Congress Of ‘Sensationalizing’ Mail Delays As Bipartisan Outcry Grows
Multiple Republicans are now raising objections to the Trump ally’s changes to the U.S. Postal Service.
cover News Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Voting by Mail in the Swing States -
Six key swing states -- Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- are among the 34 states (plus Washington, D.C.) that have “no excuse” absentee or mail-in voting. We'll go through how mail-in voting works in each of them.
cover News Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Postal Service Mail Delays Could Interfere With The Election - Vox
As November nears, the Postal Service is facing a crisis that could interfere with the election.
Aug 06, 2020, Thu News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Hawaii's Homeless Voters Face Hurdles With All-Mail System
In Hawaii and other states, homeless people and the service providers who help them face hurdles when it comes to voting.
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Nonprofit Mails 587,638 Erroneous Absentee Ballot Applications To Virginia Voters - Virginia Mercury
A misunderstanding of Virginia's independent cities and counties apparently led a nonprofit voter registration group to mail 587,638 absentee ballot applications to Virginia voters that asked them to send the ballot back to the wrong election office.
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Elections Watchdog Says Vote-by-mail System Is 'reliable' — But 'this Is Florida'
"I think we’re in good shape, but I could easily be proven wrong given that this is Florida."
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Top Democrats Say Postmaster General Acknowledged New Policies That Workers Say Are Delaying Mail - The Washington Post
The Postal Service had previously played down the changes that employees say have caused days-long backlogs.
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
More States Are Using Ballot Drop Boxes For Absentee Voters, But The Boxes Are Already Drawing Skepticism - The Washington Post
Critics say states expanding the practice may find the drop boxes are vulnerable to fraud.
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Trump’s Radical Lawsuit Against AB4, Nevada’s New Vote-by-mail Law - Vox
It’s Bush v. Gore all over again.
Aug 04, 2020, Tue
Aug 02, 2020, Sun
Jul 31, 2020, Fri
Jul 29, 2020, Wed
Jul 28, 2020, Tue