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The Trump Impeachment

Donald Trump impeached on December 18, 2019, by the House of Representatives on articles charging abuse of his office by soliciting a foreign government to announce an anti-corruption investigation into Joe Biden and his son. Donald Trump was impeached again on Jan 11, 2021 for inciting a mob that attacked the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Feb 13, 2021, Sat ...

Acquited Again

Feb 12, 2021, Fri ...

Second impeachment trial Day4

Feb 11, 2021, Thu ...

Second impeachment trial Day3

Feb 10, 2021, Wed ...

Second impeachment trial Day2

Feb 09, 2021, Tue ...

Second impeachment trial Day1

Jan 11, 2021, Mon ...

Second Impeachment

Feb 05, 2020, Wed ...


Apr 17, 2021, Sat
Feb 13, 2021, Sat

Acquited Again

Feb 12, 2021, Fri

Second impeachment trial Day4

Feb 11, 2021, Thu

Second impeachment trial Day3

Feb 10, 2021, Wed

Second impeachment trial Day2

Feb 09, 2021, Tue

Second impeachment trial Day1 Politics Feb 09, 2021, Tuesday
5 Takeaways From Day One of Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial - The New York Times
Before senators could get started on the charge against former President Donald J. Trump, they spent a day debating whether they had the right to try a former president in the first place.
cover Politics Feb 09, 2021, Tuesday
Takeaways from day 1 of Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate - The Washington Post
Democrats leaned heavily on emotion and conservative legal scholars, while Trump's team offered a sometimes confusing case against the constitutionality of the proceedings.
cover Politics Feb 09, 2021, Tuesday
Senate Declares That Trump's Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional : Trump Impeachment Trial: Live Updates : NPR
Six Republicans voted with all Democrats to advance the Senate impeachment trial.
cover Politics Feb 09, 2021, Tuesday
Senate agrees to hear Trump case, rejecting GOP arguments
WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial opened Tuesday with graphic video showing the former president whipping up a rally crowd to march to the Capitol and “fight like...
Feb 08, 2021, Mon
Feb 06, 2021, Sat
Jan 31, 2021, Sun
Jan 26, 2021, Tue
Jan 25, 2021, Mon
Jan 23, 2021, Sat
Jan 22, 2021, Fri
Jan 19, 2021, Tue
Jan 15, 2021, Fri
Jan 14, 2021, Thu
Jan 13, 2021, Wed
Jan 12, 2021, Tue
Jan 11, 2021, Mon

Second Impeachment Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
Trump and Pence Signal President Won’t Resign or Be Removed - Bloomberg
Vice President Mike Pence signaled he’ll spurn demands to immediately oust Donald Trump over a deadly riot by the president’s supporters as the two met and agreed to work together for the remainder of the term, according to a senior administration official.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
House Sets Impeachment Vote to Charge Trump With Incitement - The New York Times
Democrats are planning a Tuesday vote to formally call on the vice president to wrest power from President Trump and a Wednesday impeachment vote if he does not.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
Republicans Block Measure Demanding Pence Act on Impeachment - The New York Times
House Democrats on Monday introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump for inciting a mob that attacked the Capitol last week, vowing to press the charge as Republicans blocked a separate move to formally call on Vice President Mike Pence to strip him of power under the 25th Amendment.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
Read: House article of second impeachment against President Trump - Los Angeles Times
Three members of the House of Representatives introduced the article of impeachment, citing the president's role in 'incitement of insurrection.'
Feb 28, 2020, Fri
Feb 17, 2020, Mon
Feb 13, 2020, Thu
Feb 12, 2020, Wed
Feb 08, 2020, Sat
Feb 07, 2020, Fri
Feb 05, 2020, Wed


Feb 03, 2020, Mon
Feb 02, 2020, Sun
Jan 31, 2020, Fri News Jan 31, 2020, Friday
Jan 30, 2020, Thu
Jan 27, 2020, Mon
Jan 24, 2020, Fri
Jan 23, 2020, Thu
Jan 21, 2020, Tue News Colby Itkowitz Jan 21, 2020, Tuesday
Read transcripts, legal briefs and letters related to President Trump’s impeachment - Washington Post
Key documents are central to the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, beginning with a whistleblower complaint. A rough transcript of Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, the testimony of key witnesses in House hearings and text messages also shed light on the president’s actions. In a letter to congressional investigators, the White House said it would not cooperate with the House’s impeachment inquiry.
0 Impeachapalooza Inae Oh Jan 21, 2020, Tuesday
It’s Day One of the Senate Impeachment Trial and Trump’s Defense Team Is Already Lying – Mother Jones
That was fast.
cover News Brendan Fischer Jan 21, 2020, Tuesday
How Citizens United led directly to Trump’s impeachment.
As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial gets underway, a former Trump ally, Lev Parnas, has been throwing a wrench into the proceedings.
0 News Charles Bethea Jan 21, 2020, Tuesday
What C-Span Can’t Show Us at the Impeachment Trial | The New Yorker
Charles Bethea writes on the recording and broadcast of the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and on efforts by C-SPAN to have its own cameras in the chamber.
Jan 20, 2020, Mon U.S. Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman, NicholasI Fandos Jan 20, 2020, Monday
McConnell Pushes to Speed Impeachment Trial as Trump Requests Swift Acquittal - The New York Times
On Monday, the president’s lawyers asserted he did nothing wrong and urged the Senate to “swiftly reject” the charges against him.
cover News Richard Primus Jan 20, 2020, Monday
John Roberts Finally Gets His Day as Umpire - POLITICO
In a high-level drama with very few surprises, the newest character could also be the most consequential—and also the hardest to predict.
cover News Jan 20, 2020, Monday
How Trump fused his business empire to the presidency - POLITICO
As Trump kicks off his fourth year as president with an impeachment trial tied to his actions involving Ukraine, critics say the president has yet to face accountability for blatant conflicts of interest tied to his private businesses.
cover News Jan 20, 2020, Monday
The Senate impeachment trial simplified: What you need to know explained - ABC News
All eyes will be on the United States Senate on Tuesday as it resumes just the third impeachment trial in the nation’s history. Here's what will happen in layman's terms.
cover News Martin London Jan 20, 2020, Monday
John Roberts Has the Power to Allow Impeachment Witnesses | Time
If John Roberts deems it relevant to call witnesses during the impeachment trial, he, as presiding officer, has the power and the duty to do so, whatever Mitch McConnell thinks.
0 News Alex Henderson Jan 20, 2020, Monday
Legal experts compare Trump lawyers’ impeachment brief to the ‘scream of a wounded animal’ –
Two legal briefs were submitted over the weekend in connection with President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: one from Democratic House impeachment managers, the other from the president’s legal team. Legal experts Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic, in an article for The Atlantic, assert that the
Jan 19, 2020, Sun
Jan 18, 2020, Sat
Jan 16, 2020, Thu
Jan 02, 2020, Thu
Dec 18, 2019, Wed
Nov 16, 2019, Sat
Oct 31, 2019, Thu

Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide
9780143135173 Cass R. Sunstein 2020-01-21

Impeachment: An American History
9781984853783 Jon Meacham, Timothy Naftali, Peter Baker, Jeffrey A. Engel 2018-10-16

Best Books About Cults: Cult Members and Leaders in NXIVM, Waco, FLDS - Rolling Stone
From NXIVM to FLDS to the standoff in Waco, these books tell the stories of both famous and secretive cults, from the inside out

Timeline: Trump impeachment inquiry - Washington Post
Everything we know about what Trump did, how Ukraine got involved in this, Rudy Giuliani’s role, evidence of a quid pro quo, and what’s happened so far in President Trump’s impeachment.
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