The Trump Impeachment

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President Donald Trump, a Republican was impeached on December 18, 2019, by the House of Representatives on articles charging abuse of his office by soliciting a foreign government to announce an anti-corruption investigation into Joe Biden and his son, a political candidate challenging Trump, and obstruction of Congress in its attempts to investigate the matter. Article 1, abuse of power, was passed 230–197 (229 Democrats and 1 Independent voting “yes”; 195 Republicans and 2 Democrats voting “no”; and 1 Democrat voting present). Article 2, obstruction of Congress, was passed 229–198 (228 Democrats and one Independent voting “yes"; 195 Republicans and 3 Democrats voting “no”; and 1 Democrat voting present).

Feb 28, 2020 Feb 28, 2020
Trump wins bid to block McGahn testimony sought by House Democrats - Reuters
A divided U.S. appeals court handed President Donald Trump a major legal victory on Friday by dismissing a Democratic-led congressional panel's lawsuit seeking to enforce a subpoena for testimony from former White House Counsel Donald McGahn.
Feb 17, 2020 Feb 17, 2020
Trinity on Twitter
“Sure, it’s just “coincidence” these 3 GOP Senators received $38.5 Million and voted to acquit: Lamar Alexander—$9.5M Lisa Murkowski—$20M Susan Collins—$9M Meanwhile, Trump, who declared himself “king” is cleared for dictatorship & fascism is taking over our crumbling democracy.”
Feb 13, 2020 Feb 13, 2020
Trump contradicts past denials, admits sending Giuliani to Ukraine - CNNPolitics
Emboldened after his impeachment acquittal, President Donald Trump now openly admits to sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information about his political opponents, even though he strongly denied it during the impeachment inquiry.
Feb 12, 2020
Feb 08, 2020 Adam Gopnik Feb 08, 2020
Thirteen (Well, Ten) Ways of Looking at an Impeachment and Acquittal | The New Yorker
Adam Gopnik writes a list of ten ways of looking at the impeachment trial and subsequent acquittal of President Donald Trump. Emma Bowman, Heidi Glenn Feb 08, 2020
How Trump's Impeachment Unfolded, In The Words Of Those Who Administered It : NPR
Throughout the impeachment process, NPR interviewed dozens of lawmakers who sat in on the hearings, testimony, defense and votes. Read the key moments in their own words.
Feb 07, 2020 Feb 07, 2020
Alexander Vindman Fired and Escorted From the White House - The New York Times
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, whose testimony in the House inquiry infuriated President Trump and his allies, will be reassigned within the military, officials said. “I’m not happy with him,” Trump said. Colonel Vindman’s brother was fired too.
Feb 05, 2020

ACQUITTED Feb 05, 2020
President Trump Acquitted On 2 Counts As Historic Impeachment Trial Closes : NPR
Senators voted as expected to clear President Trump on both articles of impeachment filed by the House. Now Washington must try to pick up the pieces. Feb 05, 2020
Trump Impeachment Trial Vote: Live Updates - The New York Times
The Senate is expected to vote at 4 p.m. Eastern to acquit President Trump in his impeachment trial. Senator Mitt Romney plans to vote to convict Mr. Trump of abuse of power, becoming the first Republican to support removing Mr. Trump from office.
Feb 03, 2020
Feb 02, 2020
House of Representatives may bring more Trump articles of impeachment - Business Insider
The lead counsel for House Democrats reportedly told a federal appeals court on Friday, "That is on the table. There's no doubt."
Jan 31, 2020 Jan 31, 2020
Greg Stohr on Twitter
“NEW: Supreme Court sets arguments for March 31 on subpoenas by House & NY prosecutor for Trump's financial information.”
Jan 30, 2020 Bobby Allyn Jan 30, 2020
Lamar Alexander Will Vote Against Allowing Witnesses In Impeachment Trial : NPR
Sen. Lamar Alexander says he will not vote to bring witnesses. The Senate is could move swiftly Friday to end President Trump's impeachment trial. Jan 30, 2020
Majority of voters want Justice Roberts to allow impeachment witnesses, poll shows | TheHill
A majority of registered voters say Chief Justice John Roberts should rule in favor of motions to allow new witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial, according to a new poll from a liberal advocacy group.
Jan 27, 2020 Aaron Blake, Philip Bump, Irfan Uraizee Jan 27, 2020
Timeline: Trump impeachment inquiry - Washington Post
Everything we know about what Trump did, how Ukraine got involved in this, Rudy Giuliani’s role, evidence of a quid pro quo, and what’s happened so far in President Trump’s impeachment.
Jan 24, 2020 Igor Derysh Jan 24, 2020
Trump accused of “jury tampering” after allegedly threatening GOP senators not to vote against him |
“Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike," a Trump ally said Republican senators were warned Katherine Faulders , John Santucci , Allison Pecorin, Olivia Rubin Jan 24, 2020
'Take her out': Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired - ABC News
President Donald Trump was apparently heard discussing firing Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during a 2018 dinner,.
Jan 23, 2020 Jan 23, 2020
Impeachment Trial Livestream: House Managers Hold The Floor : NPR
On Thursday, House Democrats are outlining how the law applies to what they see as the president's "corrupt scheme" with Ukraine to tilt the 2020 election in his favor.
Jan 21, 2020 Colby Itkowitz Jan 21, 2020
Read transcripts, legal briefs and letters related to President Trump’s impeachment - Washington Post
Key documents are central to the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, beginning with a whistleblower complaint. A rough transcript of Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, the testimony of key witnesses in House hearings and text messages also shed light on the president’s actions. In a letter to congressional investigators, the White House said it would not cooperate with the House’s impeachment inquiry. Brendan Fischer Jan 21, 2020
How Citizens United led directly to Trump’s impeachment.
As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial gets underway, a former Trump ally, Lev Parnas, has been throwing a wrench into the proceedings. Charles Bethea Jan 21, 2020
What C-Span Can’t Show Us at the Impeachment Trial | The New Yorker
Charles Bethea writes on the recording and broadcast of the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and on efforts by C-SPAN to have its own cameras in the chamber.
Jan 20, 2020 Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman, NicholasI Fandos Jan 20, 2020
McConnell Pushes to Speed Impeachment Trial as Trump Requests Swift Acquittal - The New York Times
On Monday, the president’s lawyers asserted he did nothing wrong and urged the Senate to “swiftly reject” the charges against him. Richard Primus Jan 20, 2020
John Roberts Finally Gets His Day as Umpire - POLITICO
In a high-level drama with very few surprises, the newest character could also be the most consequential—and also the hardest to predict. Jan 20, 2020
How Trump fused his business empire to the presidency - POLITICO
As Trump kicks off his fourth year as president with an impeachment trial tied to his actions involving Ukraine, critics say the president has yet to face accountability for blatant conflicts of interest tied to his private businesses. Jan 20, 2020
The Senate impeachment trial simplified: What you need to know explained - ABC News
All eyes will be on the United States Senate on Tuesday as it resumes just the third impeachment trial in the nation’s history. Here's what will happen in layman's terms. Martin London Jan 20, 2020
John Roberts Has the Power to Allow Impeachment Witnesses | Time
If John Roberts deems it relevant to call witnesses during the impeachment trial, he, as presiding officer, has the power and the duty to do so, whatever Mitch McConnell thinks. Alex Henderson Jan 20, 2020
Legal experts compare Trump lawyers’ impeachment brief to the ‘scream of a wounded animal’ –
Two legal briefs were submitted over the weekend in connection with President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: one from Democratic House impeachment managers, the other from the president’s legal team. Legal experts Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic, in an article for The Atlantic, assert that the
Jan 19, 2020 Mike Lilis Jan 19, 2020
House Democrats may call new impeachment witnesses if Senate doesn't | TheHill
Key House Democrats pressing the Senate to hear from new witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial are leaving the door open to another possibility: calling those witnesses themselves if Senate Republicans do not. Jan 19, 2020
Schiff says NSA, CIA withholding Ukraine info due to White House pressure - POLITICO
“The intelligence community is beginning to withhold documents from Congress on the issue of Ukraine,” he said.
Jan 18, 2020
Jan 16, 2020 Matthew Yglesias, Andrew Prokop Jan 16, 2020
The ultimate guide to the Donald Trump impeachment saga
Everything you need to know about the Trump-Ukraine-whistleblower scandal, how impeachment process works, the politics and history of impeachment, and more. Christopher Miller Jan 16, 2020
Impeachment: Ukraine Investigates If Marie Yovanovitch Was Under Surveillance
“Ukraine cannot ignore such illegal activities on its territory,” an official from the country's interior ministry said.
Jan 02, 2020
Is the identity of the Ukraine scandal whistleblower protected by law?    | Whistleblower Protection Blog
Just before the holiday, the American Bar Association published a statement on its "Legal Fact Check" webpage concluding that the whistleblower's identity
Dec 18, 2019 Jeremy Herb, Manu Raju Dec 18, 2019
House of Representatives impeaches President Donald Trump - CNNPolitics
The deeply divided House of Representatives took the historic step to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday, charging a president with high crimes and misdemeanors for just the third time in American history.
Nov 16, 2019 David Roberts Nov 16, 2019
Impeachment hearings: America’s epistemic crisis has arrived - Vox
Can the right-wing machine hold the base in an alternate reality long enough to get through the next election?
Oct 31, 2019 Alex Isenstadt Oct 31, 2019
Trump lures GOP senators on impeachment with cold cash - POLITICO
The president is tapping his vast donor network to buck up lawmakers whose support he badly needs — but who also need him.
Sep 25, 2019 Aaron Steckelberg Sep 25, 2019
A guide to the Trump impeachment process - The Washington Post
There are many steps to impeach and remove a president.
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