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The Massive Twitter Hack Could Be A Global Security Crisis

Bitcoin scammers won’t be the last people to take over verified accounts — and we should be very, very worried about who else will

Mar 16, 2021, Tue
Aug 01, 2020, Sat
Jul 31, 2020, Fri
Jul 30, 2020, Thu
Jul 19, 2020, Sun
Jul 17, 2020, Fri
Jul 16, 2020, Thu News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
U.S. Senator Warner Asks For Probe Of Hacks, Better Monitoring Of High-risk Accounts - Reuters
U.S. Senator Mark Warner called on Thursday for Twitter Inc to investigate how hackers gained access to the social media company's internal systems to hijack accounts of several politicians, billionaires, celebrities and companies, and to put more resources into protecting high-profile feeds.
cover News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
Exclusive: U.S. FBI Is Leading An Inquiry Into The Twitter Hack - Sources - Reuters
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is leading a federal inquiry into the Twitter hacking, two sources familiar with the situation said, after hackers seized control of accounts belonging to Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian and others in what appeared to be a bitcoin scam.
cover News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
How the Twitter Hack Revealed a Risky 2020 Election System - The New York Times
The breach that targeted Joe Biden, Barack Obama and others served as a warning: Had it happened on Nov. 3, hoping to upend the election, the political fallout could have been quite different.
0 News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
Twitter Scammers Just Wanted Money. But What If They Had Worse Plans? - Reuters
The hackers who seized control of the Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and Elon Musk appear to have been in it only for the money.
Jul 15, 2020, Wed
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