USA 2020 Election

The 2020 United States Presidential Election

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will be the 59th and maybe the last quadrennial presidential election in USA.

Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
The American Herald Is A ‘News’ Site Bought And Paid For By Donald Trump’s Official Super PAC
The American Herald calls itself “a conservative news platform.” It’s actually just an extension of the Trump political machine. Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Biden Selects California Sen. Kamala Harris As Running Mate
WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Joe Biden named California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate on Tuesday, making history by selecting the first Black woman to compete on a major party’s presidential... Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
A Video Of A Bible Burning In Portland That Was Amplified By Conservatives Originated With A Kremlin-backed Video News Agency - The New York Times
A story about protesters burning Bibles drew condemnation from conservatives. It now appears to have been wildly exaggerated — and the first viral hit in Russia’s 2020 disinformation campaign. Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Democratic National Convention 2020: Speakers, Lineup, And How To Watch - Vox
Joe Biden, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders are among the speakers for next week’s virtual convention. Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Dueling October Surprises: Two Legal Bombshells On The Eve Of The US Election? – Raw Story
There are less than 90 days before U.S. election day and indeed many Americans will be able to start voting by mail in September. Will there be a bombshell October legal surprise? All minds made up? And, even if there is, the question is whether it will come just too late to make a major difference […]
Aug 10, 2020, Monday
Aug 09, 2020, Sunday
Aug 08, 2020, Saturday
Aug 07, 2020, Friday Aug 07, 2020, Friday
With Legal Troubles Mounting And Spending Slowing, NRA Promises To Boost Trump
Hours after a New York attorney general filed a case against the NRA seeking their dissolution, the gun rights group announced major 2020 plans. Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Intel Officials Tell Congress That Russia Is Spreading False Information About Biden - CNNPolitics
US intelligence officials have presented information to lawmakers and presidential campaigns indicating Russia is behind an ongoing disinformation push targeting former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, according to sources familiar with the matter. Aug 07, 2020, Friday
U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump
The collusion is happening in plain sight. Aug 07, 2020, Friday
Russia Is Trying To ‘denigrate’ Biden While China Prefers ‘unpredictable’ Trump Not Be Reelected, Senior U.S. Intelligence Official Says - The Washington Post
The statement said a Ukrainian lawmaker who has been in contact with Rudolph W. Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, is part of a Russian disinformation effort. Aug 07, 2020, Friday
US Officials: Russia Denigrating Biden Ahead Of Election
WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials believe that Russia is using a variety of measures to denigrate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the November election and that...
Aug 06, 2020, Thursday Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Trump Ad Features Edited, Out-of-Context Biden Photos -
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign has released an ad that features edited and out-of-context photos to illustrate Joe Biden "hiding" in his basement rather than taking questions from reporters on the campaign trail. Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Top GOP Senators Give Trump The Biden Probe He Got Impeached For Trying To Force On Ukraine
Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is using his investigative powers as chair of a Senate panel to push forward with a thinly veiled attempt to stir up Russian disinformation about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Johnson, who chairs the Senate... Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
A 'war Room' Arms Black, Latino Voters Against Disinformation - Los Angeles Times
Black and Latino voters are the most persistent targets of disinformation. Now, they are fighting back. Inside a 'war room' at the center of the effort. Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
'See You In Court': ACLU Files Nearly 400 Cases Versus Trump
NEW YORK (AP) — The day after Donald Trump’s election in November 2016, the American Civil Liberties Union posted a message to him on its website: “See you in court.” As president, Trump... Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Schwarzman’s Wallet Props Up Wall Street Elite’s Giving To Trump
A few years ago, Stephen Schwarzman was just the latest deep pocket on Wall Street to open up to Donald Trump. Right now, he’s the biggest one left. Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
How Trump Hopes The Census Ending Early Will Help Him Politically - Vox
His decision to end data collection a month early could lead to undercounts among communities of color, immigrants, and those in rural areas.
Aug 05, 2020, Wednesday
Aug 04, 2020, Tuesday
Aug 03, 2020, Monday
Aug 02, 2020, Sunday
Aug 01, 2020, Saturday Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
Reporters Won't See Trump Nomination
When Republicans renominate Donald Trump for president in Charlotte, N.C., on Aug. 24, journalists won't be on hand to witness it, a convention spokesperson told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this week. Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
US Ambassador To Brazil Todd Chapman Reportedly Asked Brazilian Officials To Help Trump’s Reelection - Vox
Brazilian news reports say US Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman asked for a "favor" that would help Trump’s reelection prospects. Democrats are demanding answers. Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
The US Election Is Entering Its Final Stretch – Here Are The Key Areas To Watch | US News | The Guardian
From potential vice-presidential candidates to voter suppression and debates, these are the areas the Guardian’s politics team will be following Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
Trump And The GOP Establishment Are Falling Out Of Love
As Donald Trump’s odds of reelection dwindle, the marriage of convenience between the reality star and the conservative movement elite is starting to fray. If Republicans decide Trump is goner, that could influence the coronavirus relief bill. Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
Could This Anti-Trump Republican Group Take Down The President? | US News | The Guardian
Savage attack ads from a well-funded group of dissident Republicans are aiming to sway a key sliver of opinion in swing states
Jul 31, 2020, Friday
Jul 30, 2020, Thursday
Jul 29, 2020, Wednesday

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