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Fatal shooting of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery

Arbery was killed in February while jogging in a residential neighborhood in Brunswick, Ga. Video of the killing emerged on social media in May

Jul 17, 2020, Friday
npr.org Jul 17, 2020, Friday
Men Charged With Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery Plead Not Guilty : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR
Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael, and William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., pleaded not guilty to counts including felony murder. The men are accused of killing a black jogger in Georgia.
Jun 25, 2020, Thursday
bbc.com Jun 25, 2020, Thursday
Ahmaud Arbery: Three men indicted over death of black jogger in February - BBC News
Travis McMichael, his son Greg, and William Bryan are indicted by a jury in the US state of Georgia.
vox.com Jun 25, 2020, Thursday
Georgia hate crime bill goes to governor after Ahmaud Arbery’s death - Vox
Once Georgia’s bill HB 426 is signed, there will just be three states without hate crime laws on the books in the US.
Jun 24, 2020, Wednesday
nbcnews.com Jun 24, 2020, Wednesday
Three suspects indicted on murder charges in death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia
Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William R. Bryan Three were indicted on allegations of murder in the killing of jogger Ahmaud Arbery.
Jun 04, 2020, Thursday
cnn.com Jun 04, 2020, Thursday
Ahmaud Arbery was hit with a truck before he died, and his killer allegedly used a racial slur, investigator testifies - CNN
William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial epithet after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent testified Thursday during preliminary hearings.
May 26, 2020, Tuesday
nbcnews.com May 26, 2020, Tuesday
Arbery case exemplifies abuse of 'stand your ground,' but the damage is broad and systemic
"Arbery" case exemplifies "abuse" of" 'stand your ground,'" but the damage is broad and systemic
May 18, 2020, Monday
theguardian.com May 18, 2020, Monday
Police tried to tase Ahmaud Arbery in 2017 incident, video shows | US news | The Guardian
Officers questioned why Arbery was sitting alone in his car in a park one morning in November 2017
apnews.com May 18, 2020, Monday
2017 video shows Georgia officer tried to tase Ahmaud Arbery
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — A video released Monday shows police in Georgia attempting to search Ahmaud Arbery's parked car in 2017 and when he refuses to let them and begins to walk back to the vehicle...
May 16, 2020, Saturday
npr.org May 16, 2020, Saturday
Congressman Who Introduced Emmett Till Antilynching Act Comments On The Arbery Case : NPR
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., who introduced the Emmett Till Antilynching Act in the House in February, about the Act and the Arbery case.
May 10, 2020, Sunday
apnews.com May 10, 2020, Sunday
Georgia AG requests federal probe in handling of Arbery case
ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's attorney general on Sunday asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the handling of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who authorities say died at the...
May 08, 2020, Friday
npr.org May 08, 2020, Friday
Former Georgia Police Officer And His Son Arrested In The Death Of Ahmaud Arbery : NPR
Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, have been charged with murder and aggravated assault and are being held at the Glynn County Jail.
npr.org May 08, 2020, Friday
In Ahmaud Arbery Case, Authorities Say More Arrests Are Possible : NPR
Two men, Gregory and Travis McMichael, have been charged with murder in connection with the killing of an unarmed black man in February. State officials say the investigation remains open.
youtube.com May 08, 2020, Friday
US: Video shows Black man Ahmaud Arbery gunned down while jogging - YouTube
Racial tensions are rising in the US State of Georgia after a young African American man was shot dead while jogging. A video has emerged showing Ahmaud Arbe...
msn.com May 08, 2020, Friday
Georgia shooting case will go to grand jury as disturbing video surfaces online
Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was killed in February after being chased by two armed white men who told police he looked like a burglary suspect.
washingtonpost.com May 08, 2020, Friday
Georgia men arrested in fatal shooting of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery - The Washington Post
Arbery was killed in February while jogging in a residential neighborhood in Brunswick, Ga. Video of the killing emerged on social media this week.
May 07, 2020, Thursday
nbcnews.com May 07, 2020, Thursday
Celebrities express outrage over the shooting death of a black man in Georgia
LeBron James, Ava DuVernay and Viola Davis are among celebrities speaking out on Ahmaud Arbery's death and calling for the arrest of Gregory and Travis McMichael.
May 04, 2020, Monday

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