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Black Man George Floyd Dies After Police Kneeled on His Neck

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Black man George Floyd died shortly after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck

Jul 08, 2020
reuters.com Jul 08, 2020
Police ignored George Floyd's 'I can't breathe' plea: transcript - Reuters
The former U.S. police officer charged in the death of George Floyd told him to stop shouting and save his breath as he knelt on his neck and Floyd gasped for air, according to a newly released transcript of police body camera footage.
Jun 27, 2020
revealnews.org Jun 27, 2020
The Evolution of All-American Terrorism
With right-wing extremist attacks on the rise, Reveal teams up with Type Investigations to track domestic terror during the Trump presidency.
Jun 25, 2020
bbc.com Jun 25, 2020
US House passes sweeping police reform bill - BBC News
The White House has threatened to veto the measure, which Senate Republicans reject as an overreach.
Jun 24, 2020
vox.com Jun 24, 2020
Police unions, explained - Vox
Over about half a century, police unions have become one of the most powerful lobbies in local government.
Jun 19, 2020
apnews.com Jun 19, 2020
Police accountability bills stall in Minnesota Legislature
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A special session of the Minnesota Legislature appeared to be in a stalemate Friday with both parties deeply divided on how far lawmakers should go toward remaking policing in...
Jun 16, 2020
alternet.org Jun 16, 2020
A man tied to the far-right Boogaloo movement is accused of killing 2 officers amidst Black Lives Matter protests – Alternet.org
In Northern California, a man with alleged ties to the far-right Boogaloo movement is facing murder charges in connection with the shootings of two law enforcement officers: Damon Gutzwiller, a sergeant in the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office, and David Patrick Underwood, a 53-year-old federal sec
Jun 12, 2020
nbcnews.com Jun 12, 2020
75 ways Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are speaking out for Black lives
75 ways AAPIs are standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement after the police killing of George Floyd
Jun 11, 2020
abcnews.go.com Jun 11, 2020
LAPD launches over 50 investigations into officer misconduct during the protests - ABC News
LAPD launches over 50 investigations into officer misconduct during the protests
Jun 10, 2020

Thomas Lane released

Thomas Lane, Ex-Officer Charged In George Floyd’s Death, Leaves Jail After Posting Bond – WCCO | CBS Minnesota
Thomas Lane, one of the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd, has been released from Hennepin County Jail Wednesday afternoon after posting bond, according to jail records. His bail had been set at...
forbes.com Jun 10, 2020
51 Protesters Facing Federal Charges—Yet No Sign Of Antifa Involvement
Attorney General William Barr and other top government officials have frequently blamed Antifa activists for the violence stemming from recent demonstrations in the wake George Floyd's death; however, in NPR's review of court documents of 51 individuals facing federal charges related to protests,...
Jun 09, 2020
nypost.com Jun 09, 2020
Ohio woman dies after exposure to tear gas, pepper spray
A 22-year-old Ohio woman has died two days after she was tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed by police during a George Floyd rally in Columbus, according to a report.
npr.org Jun 09, 2020
Over 750 Artists, Companies Call For Repeal Of N.Y. Law Shielding Police Records : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR
Rihanna, Meek Mill, Anderson .Paak and Irving Azoff are among many who signed the open letter. The statute, Section 50-a, prevents the personnel histories of police officers from being made public.
medium.com Jun 09, 2020
Repealing 50-A Gives Us Eyes, Not Teeth - Kestine Thiele - Medium
Activists have been fighting for this repeal for years, and today, the state legislature might finally repeal New York Civil Rights Law Section 50-a. This is the victory of those protesting against…
Jun 08, 2020
npr.org Jun 08, 2020
New York State Moves Swiftly On Police Reform Bills : NPR
Banning chokeholds and disclosing police disciplinary records are among the legislation being pushed through the Democratic-led statehouse.
thehill.com Jun 08, 2020
Pelosi, Schumer kneel in silence for almost 9 minutes to honor George Floyd | TheHill
Senior Democratic lawmakers, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), knelt during a moment of silence shortly before unveiling a legislative package of police reforms Monday.
apnews.com Jun 08, 2020
Bond raised to $1M for officer charged in Floyd's death
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A judge on Monday set $1 million bail for a Minneapolis police officer charged with second-degree murder in George Floyd's death. Derek Chauvin, 44, said almost...
rawstory.com Jun 08, 2020
Virginia man who plowed his truck into Black Lives Matter crowd is the head of the state’s Ku Klux Klan – Raw Story
Over the weekend, a Virginia man was arrested for driving his truck into a crowd of protesters. It has now been revealed that the accused, Harry H. Rogers, is also the head of the Virginia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. WTVR News reported Monday that Rogers was charged by police with attempted malicious wounding […]
Jun 07, 2020
De Blasio Announces Several NYPD Reforms, Including Shifting Funding From Police To Youth Services – CBS New York
Following more than a week of protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday a series of police reforms in New York City.
apnews.com Jun 07, 2020
Curfews lift, police show less force amid peaceful protests
NEW YORK (AP) — With New York City poised to reopen after a more than two-month coronavirus shutdown, officials on Sunday lifted a curfew that was in place amid protests of police brutality and...
apnews.com Jun 07, 2020
Minneapolis council majority backs disbanding police force
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A majority of the members of the Minneapolis City Council said Sunday they support disbanding the city's police department, an aggressive stance that comes just as the state has...
cnbc.com Jun 07, 2020
Op-Ed: US global leadership depends on how it addresses systemic racism
It must be said plainly and repetitively, so that no one can miss the significance of this historic moment for the United States and its allies, who depend on its leadership.
Jun 06, 2020
motherjones.com Jun 06, 2020
Videos Show Cops Slashing Car Tires at Protests in Minneapolis – Mother Jones
Officers reportedly grinned as they informed one reporter his tires had been punctured.
npr.org Jun 06, 2020
Judge Grants Order Limiting Use Of Tear Gas, Projectiles At Denver Protests : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR
The order is in response to a complaint filed against the City of Denver that alleges the police department's use of such weapons violated citzens' First and Fourth Amendment rights.
Jun 05, 2020
apnews.com Jun 05, 2020
Minneapolis bans police chokeholds in wake of Floyd death
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis agreed Friday to ban chokeholds by police and to require officers to try to stop any other officers they see using improper force, in the first concrete steps to...
twitter.com Jun 05, 2020
The collection of police brutality videos
To simplify following the criminal justice news
Jun 04, 2020
apnews.com Jun 04, 2020
The Latest: ACLU files lawsuit against Trump administration
The Latest on the May 25 death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a knee on his neck: TOP OF THE HOUR:
newyorker.com Jun 04, 2020
Is America Becoming a Banana Republic? | The New Yorker
The protests over the killing of George Floyd have made our institutional crisis all the more visible and worrisome, even to career military officers long experienced in dealing with instability.
Jun 03, 2020
snopes.com Jun 03, 2020
George Floyd Protests: Rumor Roundup
Sorting fact from fiction, fast as we can.
twincities.com Jun 03, 2020
Minneapolis cops, state patrol targeted journalists, protesters with violence, lawsuits say – Twin Cities
Two separate lawsuits seeking class-action status allege law enforcement officers targeted journalists and used unnecessary force against protesters during demonstrations in Minneapolis over the Ma…
nbcnews.com Jun 03, 2020
They wanted to protest peacefully. Police responded with force. On the ground in Minneapolis.
“George Floyd was a martyr, but what are the circumstances and what are the systemic issues that made him a martyr? We have to focus on those,” one protester said.
cnn.com Jun 03, 2020
George Floyd: All four former officers involved in his killing now face charges, Sen. Klobuchar says - CNN
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is increasing charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to second-degree murder in George Floyd's killing and also charging the other three officers involved in the incident, according to a tweet from US Sen. Amy Klobuchar.
buzzfeednews.com Jun 03, 2020
Denver Police Fire Officer Who Posted "Let's Start A Riot" On Instagram
Officer Thomas McClay was fired Tuesday from the Denver Police Department, just eight months after he joined its ranks.
Protect Phone Privacy & Security During a Protest - Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports tells you how to protect phone privacy and security during a protest. Law enforcement officers can use a variety of techniques to collect data from smartphones.
rollingstone.com Jun 03, 2020
What Defund the Police Actually Means - Rolling Stone
Activists are demanding cities ‘defund the police.’ Here’s what they mean
Jun 02, 2020
npr.org Jun 02, 2020
Minnesota Files Discrimination Complaint Against Minneapolis Police Department : NPR
"This is not a friendly action, but this is the necessary action," Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan told NPR. The Department of Human Rights will lead an investigation "to make deep, systematic change."
kenyandigest.com Jun 02, 2020
Infantino says player calls for Floyd justice should be 'applauded' - Kenyan Digest
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday that footballers in Germany calling for justice for George Floyd during matches deserve applause rather than sanctions.
vox.com Jun 02, 2020
6 Atlanta officers have been charged in violent tasing incident - Vox
A 22-year-old student was left with a fractured arm and needed 20 stitches from the encounter, according to his attorney.
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