Two Recent Books that Made Me Think

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Both of these novels are in different ways about refugees, and both gave me both pleasure and much food for thought this past year. Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid's EXIT WEST imagines the world suddenly (and magically) overrun by refugees, but provides responses to refugees so much kinder and more joyful than those we see in the newspaper these day. It's a love story, a refugee story, and a mix of magical realism and blunt reality. Min Jin Lee's PACHINKO is a longer, multi-generational story about a Korean family that migrates to Japan. It intertwines religion, love, family life, and the unstable place of Koreans in Japan. Both are marvelous books for our times. Read and enjoy!
#1  Exit West: A Novel
Book / 9780735212176 / Mohsin Hamid  / March 7, 2017 / 1
#2  Pachinko
Book / 9781455563920 / Min Jin Lee  / November 14, 2017 / 1