Tony Robbins’ top 3 books Recommendations: ‘Readers are leaders’

By | 2019-09-19 | including 3 items |
Like other successful moguls — such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos — business and life strategist and self-made multimillionaire Tony Robbins is an avid reader. He’s known for turning to books when he’s looking for inspiration, and has called reading one of the most valuable habits of his life. Robbins got hooked on reading from his first mentor and now he reads for 30 minutes each day. “Jim Rohn, one of my teachers, told me that reading something of substance, something of value, something that was nourishing, something that taught you distinctions, was more important than eating, ” Robbins wrote in a 2015 Facebook post. “Miss a meal,′ he said, ‘but don’t miss your reading.’ Remember: leaders are readers.” These are Robbins’ top three current reads, according to his health guide.