Tom Hanks and Katharine Hepburn appear in 'Letters From Hollywood'

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“Dear Fly in the Ointment. Because I always open my wife’s mail, I read your insidious and immoral proposals to my wife…” So begins Humphrey Bogart’s 1952 letter to director (and friend) John Huston about Lauren Bacall. It’s one of the 135 letters, memos and telegrams in a new Hollywood time capsule culled from libraries, archives, and personal collections. “Letters From Hollywood: Inside the Private World of Classic American Filmmaking,” compiled by producer Rocky Lang and film historian Barbara Hall, features five decades of correspondence from the likes of Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Jane Fonda, Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Tom Hanks, Bela Lugosi and Frank Sinatra. Readers learn that Joan Crawford loved to write letters to friends and fans. The book includes her handwritten 1956 note to Hollywood biographer and novelist Jane Kesner Ardmore about a royal premiere in London. After gushing about meeting Queen Elizabeth, Crawford included a few jabs at sex symbols Marilyn Monroe and Anita Ekberg.