This Is For 'The Undefeated': A New Picture Book Celebrates Black Brilliance : NPR

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In The Undefeated, artist Kadir Nelson illustrates generations of black American heroes "emerging from the shadows." "It begins with Jesse Owens literally jumping out of the darkness into the light ..." Nelson says. "By the time we get to toward the middle and end of the book those shadows have disappeared and the brilliance and excellence of the subjects have completely emerged into the bright light." The text of the book is a poem Kwame Alexander wrote in 2008. Alexander's second daughter, Samayah had just been born, and Barack Obama had recently won election as the first African-American president of the United States. "This poem was my tribute to both," Alexander writes. How To Get Kids Hooked On Books? 'Use Poetry. It Is A Surefire Way' Books How To Get Kids Hooked On Books? 'Use Poetry. It Is A Surefire Way' The poem inspired Nelson. "I thought it was very powerful ..." he says. "A beautiful poem that spoke to excellence, and perseverance, and triumph amidst adversity. It was an ode to the sung and unsung heroes in history."
#1  The Undefeated
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