The Testaments is as scary as its predecessor – and so timely

By Nicole Abadee | 2019-10-09 | including 1 item |
I was wrong, of course. In NSW until last month, “unlawful” abortion was still a crime for both the woman and the person who performed it. Because of the 1971 “Levine ruling”, an abortion was not unlawful if certain conditions were met, but the law was uncertain, and doctors had long called for clarity. Even in 2019, there was major opposition before the Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed. Advertisement The release of The Testaments, Atwood’s brilliant, blistering sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, has coincided with the brouhaha over the NSW abortion bill. In The Testaments, told from the perspectives of three women, Atwood gives a more detailed account of her dystopian Republic of Gilead and its war on women.