The resurgence of Eve Babitz continues with ‘I Used to Be Charming’

By Lauren Sarazen | 2019-10-11 | including 1 item |
Eve Babitz’s talent for description is so otherworldly that she doesn’t even need to describe a perfume’s aroma to convey its essence. “It was the scent of unbelievably good taste, with just an edge of blissful sex,” she writes of Le De Givenchy. “It was sunshine and beauty, something you could wear with a bathing suit or jeans.” It was the kind of perfume that sends you on a wild-goose chase through glossy department stores — even though your body chemistry might transform the most elegant notes into headache-inducing garbage. Such is the power of Babitz’s words, and she extends her sunglass-tinted vision to much more than just perfume.