The BBC journalist’s important account of her struggle to win equal pay is full of sound advice for women

By Rachel Cooke | 2019-10-08 | including 1 item |
It isn’t always easy to talk about money, particularly if you’re a woman. Not so long ago, over dinner with a male colleague, the subject of our salaries came up. He and I work at different organisations, and our skills and responsibilities, though similar, are not precisely the same. Nevertheless, when this man, who is the same age as me and who went to the same university, revealed that he earns twice as much as I do, I was shocked by how I felt. Outwardly, I made a joke of my indignation, demanding that he pay the bill. But inwardly, something inside me faltered: my confidence. Was it possible that this journalist, a man I admire deeply, would now think less of me, knowing that, on paper, I’m worth only half what he is? More to the point, did I now think less of myself? I worried that the answer to both these questions was yes.