Stanford assault victim Chanel Miller’s new book indicts her attacker — and the system

By | 2019-09-23 | including 1 item |
In January of 2015, a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted while she lay unconscious behind a dumpster outside a Stanford fraternity party. Throughout the high-profile trial of her attacker, the woman was known only as Emily Doe. Many more details were known about the perpetrator, Brock Turner, a “star swimmer” at Stanford with a high GPA, as some in the media seemed keen to tell us. Turner, <a href="">who ran from the scene after being caught by two Swedish graduate students</a>, was found guilty of three felonies — including assault with the intent to commit rape. His sentence was six months in county jail, probation and registration as a sex offender. Turner served three months. Many people were incensed at the leniency of Turner’s punishment, setting off a debate over sexual assault, justice and privilege.