The 2020 United States presidential election
politico.com Jun 05, 2020
Biden clinches Democratic presidential nomination - POLITICO
According to The Associated Press, Joe Biden has won a majority of pledged delegates to the August national party convention.
Black Man George Floyd Dies After Police Kneeled on His Neck
motherjones.com Jun 05, 2020
Mayor Demands Military and Federal Law Enforcement Leave DC’s Streets – Mother Jones
Muriel Bowser also decries the presence of unidentified federal personnel.
Fatal shooting of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery
cnn.com Jun 04, 2020
Ahmaud Arbery was hit with a truck before he died, and his killer allegedly used a racial slur, investigator testifies - CNN
William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial epithet after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent testified Thursday during preliminary hearings.
Facebook on Misinformation
motherjones.com Jun 05, 2020
This Week, Mark Zuckerberg Sided with Donald Trump. History Won’t Forget It. – Mother Jones
With America on fire, the two men are going after the same thing: Dominance.
COVID-19 Coronavirus spreads
nydailynews.com Jun 04, 2020
NYC hits hopeful milestone: Zero confirmed coronavirus deaths for first day since March 2020 - New York Daily News
The first confirmed COVID-19 death in the Big Apple occurred on March 11 with the death toll reaching its horrible peak at 590 on April 7, according to records put out by the city.
Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims accuses Republicans of secretly exposing Democrats to Covid-19
rollingstone.com May 28, 2020
State Rep. Goes on Tirade After GOP Colleague Hid Positive COVID-19 Test - Rolling Stone
“I’ve spent so much of my time here trying to see beyond the blind, disgusting partisanship, and now that partisanship has grown deadly,” state Rep. Brian Sims said
Trump's Deep Swamp
propublica.org May 28, 2020
Meet the Shadowy Accountants Who Do Trump’s Taxes and Help Him Seem Richer Than He Is — ProPublica
The Supreme Court fight over Donald Trump’s tax returns has pushed his accounting firm into the limelight. In various episodes over 30 years, partners — including the CEO — have run into trouble for fraud, misconduct or malpractice.
House postpones vote to reauthorize key parts of lapsed surveillance program
Meng Wanzhou case: Huawei executive's extradition
cbc.ca May 27, 2020
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou loses major court battle as B.C. judge rules extradition bid should proceed | CBC News
After four months of deliberation, B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes has delivered her ruling on whether the offence of which Meng Wenzhou is accused would be considered a crime in Canada.
Coronavirus stock sales probe
nbcnews.com May 27, 2020
Justice Department drops insider trading investigations of three senators
The Republican and Democratic senators were being investigated after they sold off stocks following early briefings on the coronavirus.
Andrew Yang: 2020 Presidential Campaign
Controversial Use Of Force Inside ICE Detention Center
nytimes.com May 15, 2020
‘Everybody Was Sick’: Inside an ICE Detention Center - The New York Times
Like jails, ICE facilities are faced with tough decisions as to how to keep their dense populations safe.
Japan: Introduce LGBT Non-Discrimination Law
hrw.org May 14, 2020
Japan: Introduce LGBT Non-Discrimination Law | Human Rights Watch
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should commit to introducing a law protecting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Bob Dylan Announces New Album 'Rough And Rowdy Ways'
npr.org May 13, 2020
Bob Dylan's New Song, "False Prophet," Sounds Awfully Familiar : NPR
Dylan's latest single, "False Prophet," sits in the same tempo and key as Billy "The Kid" Emerson's 1954 B-side, "If Lovin' Is Believing."
Supreme Court Arguments On Trump Taxes, Finances
npr.org May 12, 2020
Livestream: Supreme Court Arguments On Trump Taxes, Finances : NPR
How the court decides these cases could dramatically change the balance of power among the three branches of government, shifting America's system of checks and balances. Listen live at 10 a.m. ET.
Family of man killed by police in Walmart angered by lack of notification, calls for investigation - ABC News
abcnews.go.com May 10, 2020
Family of man killed by police in Walmart angered by lack of notification, calls for investigation - ABC News
The bat-wielding man was having a "mental health crisis," the family's attorney said.
National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of President
Pence staff threatens action against reporter who tweeted about visit to clinic without surgical mask - The Washington Post
A Voice of America journalist disclosed planning memo details after the trip. Pence’s office deemed it a violation of an off-the-record agreement.
Kobe Bryant is killed in helicopter crash in Calabasas
npr.org Apr 21, 2020
Family Members Of Four Killed In Kobe Bryant Crash Sue Helicopter Company : NPR
Two more lawsuits come two months after Vanessa Bryant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters Inc. and Island Express Holding Corp., which operated and owned the aircraft.
Nova Scotia mass killings
cbc.ca Apr 20, 2020
Nova Scotia mass killings: What we know and what we don't know | CBC News
RCMP described mass killings carried out by a gunman in Nova Scotia this weekend as "tragic" and "incomprehensible." Police said at least 18 people were killed, including a 23-year veteran of the force. Here’s a look at what we know — and what we don’t. 
The Trump Impeachment
reuters.com Feb 28, 2020
Trump wins bid to block McGahn testimony sought by House Democrats - Reuters
A divided U.S. appeals court handed President Donald Trump a major legal victory on Friday by dismissing a Democratic-led congressional panel's lawsuit seeking to enforce a subpoena for testimony from former White House Counsel Donald McGahn.
Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
politico.com Feb 13, 2020
House passes bill to revive Equal Rights Amendment - POLITICO
The ERA, first proposed in the 1920s, was adopted by Congress in the 1970s, but not enough states ratified it before a 1982 deadline.
2020 United States Senate election in Kentucky
cincinnati.com Feb 25, 2020
Democrat Rachel Roberts wins Northern Kentucky special election
The Newport resident secured her seat in the statehouse with 64% of the vote just a few days after Gov. Andy Beshear campaigned for her at a Newport rally.
Supreme Court bars lawsuit over cross-border shooting of Mexican teen
reuters.com Feb 25, 2020
Supreme Court bars lawsuit over cross-border shooting of Mexican teen - Reuters
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday barred a lawsuit against a Border Patrol agent for fatally shooting a 15-year-old Mexican boy on Mexican soil from across the border in Texas, refusing to open the door for foreign nationals to pursue civil rights cases in American courts in such incidents.
Housing Crisis in California
motherjones.com Feb 21, 2020
In the UC Santa Cruz Wildcat Strike, Class War Meets the California Housing Crisis – Mother Jones
"Everyone is so damn desperate. A lot of us are one paycheck away from homelessness."
Data breach hits DISA overseeing White House communications
bbc.com Feb 20, 2020
Data breach hits agency overseeing White House communications - BBC News
The personal data of about 200,000 people is exposed in a cyber-attack.
Russia aiding President Trump in the 2020 election
nytimes.com Feb 20, 2020
Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support - The New York Times
A classified briefing to lawmakers angered the president, who complained that Democrats would “weaponize” the disclosure.
Delta jet fuel dump over school playground
latimes.com Feb 12, 2020
Students sue Delta after jet fuel dump over Whittier high school - Los Angeles Times
Three students from Pioneer High School in Whittier have filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines after one of its planes dumped jet fuel over their campus and other L.A. County suburbs.
Plague of locusts in recent history could come within weeks
nbcnews.com Feb 09, 2020
'Most devastating plague of locusts' in recent history could come within weeks, U.N. warns
Somalia declared the outbreak a national emergency. The U.N. it has the potential “to be the most devastating plague of locusts in any of our living memories."
A Brief History of Porn on the Internet
wired.com David Kushner Apr 09, 2019
A Brief History of Porn on the Internet | WIRED
Pornographers developed many early innovations in internet marketing, like pop-up ads and subscriptions. And women were among the most successful entrepreneurs in the business.
Luanda Leaks stories from around the world
icij.org Jan 23, 2020
Luanda Leaks stories from around the world - ICIJ
From Brazilian real estate to Swiss jewelry, read all the headlines from Luanda Leaks stories from dozens of ICIJ's media partners around the world.
Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases
justice.gov Jan 28, 2020
Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases | USAO-MA | Department of Justice
BOSTON – The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced today that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department and two Chinese nationals have been charged in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China.  
On 5-4 vote, Supreme Court lets Trump administration start enforcing new immigrant wealth test
twitter.com Jan 27, 2020
Greg Stohr on Twitter
“BREAKING: On 5-4 vote, Supreme Court lets Trump administration start enforcing new immigrant wealth test, designed to screen out green card applicants seen as being at risk of becoming "public charges".”
Democracy has eroded since Citizens United
thehill.com Craig Holman Jan 21, 2020
Democracy has eroded in the decade since Citizens United | TheHill
Many government officials must count on wealthy individuals and special interests for their political survival.
Virginia Governor Declares State Of Emergency
npr.org Jan 20, 2020
Richmond Gun Rally: Thousands Of Gun Owners Converge On Virginia Capitol On MLK Day : NPR
"This is about losing one of the base freedoms that we have," a gun rights backer says in Richmond. The city is under a state of emergency, and some streets have been barricaded to prevent violence.
92nd Academy Awards, Oscar
latimes.com Jan 17, 2020
The best picture Oscar race is between two movies. Here's why - Los Angeles Times
Oscar nominations arrived Monday ... and the best picture race could be over by this weekend.
College admissions scandal
latimes.com Nathan Fenno Jan 18, 2020
Wiretaps reveal how college admissions scandal worked at USC, UCLA - Los Angeles Times
Rick Singer's pitch: For a fee he could help get children of affluent parents onto USC, UCLA teams, even if they didn't play the sport. Most didn't.
"Birth tourism" is Trump's next immigration target
axios.com Stef W. Kight, Jonathan Swan Jan 19, 2020
"Birth tourism" is Trump's next immigration target - Axios
It's one step in Trump's plans to make it harder for immigrants to benefit from birthright citizenship.