Sarah Broom on Creative Courage and What It Took to Write Her Stunning Memoir, 'The Yellow House'

By | 2019-09-23 | including 1 item |
Sarah Broom sits, tall and elegant, on the pale blue tufted banquette of a New York City restaurant. She’s here to talk about her debut book, The Yellow House. By the time we’ve had a glass of wine and a bite to eat, her phone will start blowing up with the news that within days of its release, the book will appear on the next New York Times bestseller list. Broom’s book has been billed as a memoir of growing up in New Orleans, before and after Katrina. But that is too small a description for the powerhouse narrative that she has carefully constructed. Broom employs years of interviews (she trained as a journalist at UC Berkeley) as well as scholarly research to broaden the lens as wide as humanly possible on what could be known about the people and the circumstances that led to the New Orleans of her upbringing.