RS Recommends: Tegan and Sara’s Memoir ‘High School’ Is a Moving Coming of Age Story

By Jon Dolan | 2019-10-09 | including 1 item |
Twin sister indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara have always specialized in remaking well-worn forms in their own image — from their early days turning coffee shop confessionals into sharp power pop to their recent emergence as Top 40 contenders who can write glossy dance-pop with a uniquely nuanced urgency, Now, they’ve re-imagined the rock star memoir. High School is a lot like their songs: complexly intimate, smartly crafted, and packing a subtle emotional wallop. The pair co-wrote the book, alternating authorship between chapters and focusing exclusively on their teenage years as they map out their symbiotic coming-of-age chaos. “There is . . . great comfort that comes from traveling through life with a witness,” Tegan writes.
#1  High School
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