Robyn Doolittle’s new book Had It Coming is an unflinching look at the #MeToo era

By Zoe Whittall | including 1 item
Every year new zeitgeist-y words are added to the dictionary – recently it was the Bechdel Test – but in 2019, I wish we could take some words out, specifically “nuance,” a word that seems to have lost its meaning from sheer overuse. When used in marketing copy for book promotion, the word nuanced is meant to soothe the average reader and signal that the book is not a polemic. It’s no surprise that its overuse is happening during an epidemic of journalistic both-sides-ism, and a time when books about the whirlwind #MeToo era are proliferating. So when I read it on the jacket copy of Had It Coming: What’s Fair in the Age of #MeToo, the excellent new book by reporter Robyn Doolittle, my heart sank a little. Was it going to suffer from a watering-down of the issues, or build on the groundbreaking work she accomplished with the Unfounded investigative series, one of the most read stories in The Globe and Mail’s history, which created real administrative change in police departments across Canada? Luckily, the jacket also promises it will be “informed” and that’s exactly what it is – how is it that Canada has the most progressive sexual-assault laws on the books, but so few people with power understand it or use it properly?