Review: Tesla’s unvarnished story in electric detail

By | 2019-09-28 | including 1 item |
Those who pay close attention to Elon Musk tend to fall into one of two camps. One camp worships Musk as a modern-day hero at a time when heroes are in short supply. He’s a green-energy wizard devoted to saving humanity from greenhouse gas destruction, and if that proves impossible, he wants to create colonies on Mars to save the human race. He’s a brilliant entrepreneur who can wipe clean the ossified auto and space industries with paradigm-shifting innovations, Silicon Valley-style. He reignited interest in space exploration. He made electric cars sexy. The other camp believes none of it and denigrates Musk as a big talker and government-subsidy hound who promises far more than he’ll ever be able to deliver. Critics blast him as a hypocrite who traverses the globe (and sometimes commutes from near his Bel-Air home to his Hawthorne office) in his greenhouse-gas-spewing private jet, and contend he uses financial legerdemain to distract from the fact that he’s unprofitably burning through other people’s billions while making himself rich. In his new book “Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors,” journalist Edward Niedermeyer hews close to the critics’ interpretation, while also giving Musk his due.