Researching a book, SF’s Erin Carlson learned Meryl Streep is like a nun

By Brandon Yu | 2019-10-02 | including 1 item |
The other factor, Carlson notes, is that Streep has never been seen as a sex symbol. Because of this, in a still problematic industry, her age never diminished her value. The irony, though, is the most frequent tidbit Carlson’s interview subjects offered: Streep was more beautiful offscreen than on. Carlson can attest to it. She’s met Streep, who Carlson said passed along her blessing for the book. Once as a reporter, Carlson interviewed her during the press course for 2008’s “Hope Springs.” “I found her pleasant and gorgeous, funny, real — and taller than I thought,” Carlson says. “She is larger than life.”