Professor John Goodenough honored with Presidential Enrico Fermi Award

By Ashley Lindstrom | 2019-10-09 | including 1 item |
But it was not the atomic bomb that had attracted me to physics. While an undergraduate at Yale University, I had concluded that if there was an opportunity to go to graduate school after the war was over, I should study physics as it is fundamental to science and therefore to a great intellectual adventure of my generation. Consequently, given a surprising opportunity to study physics on my return to civilian life, I accepted the call to the University of Chicago even though I was aware that I lacked the precocious brilliance to which the registration officer had alluded. As I recorded in my little book,Witness to Grace (Publish America, 2008), my intellectual journey also included a religious quest for meaning in what or whom I would choose to serve with my life.
#1  Witness to Grace
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