Neurotic but nice

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In the last paragraph of his classsic Never Again: Britain 1945-1951, Peter Hennessy writes "Britain has never - and still hasn't - experienced a progressive phase to match 1945-51 ... 1951 Britain ... compared to any previous decade was a kinder, gentler and a far, far better place to be born, to grow up, to live, love, work and even to die ... Such an epitaph cannot be placed with conviction on the plinths of any of the eras to come." So the great improving leap has already happened, before we arrive at the book's sequel. In this magisterial volume Hennessy charts the decade that built on the social and political changes set in train even before Attlee's election in 1945. History, after all, is a continuum, and its presentation as 10-year chunks unhappily disrupts the narrative flow of events.