In ‘Antisocial,’ How the Alt-Right Went Viral

By Jennifer Szalai | including 1 item
For a journalist, reporting about people whose views you might share can be tricky enough, but reporting about people whose views you find completely abhorrent can be even trickier. Andrew Marantz started covering what he calls the “bad-guys-on-the-internet beat” for The New Yorker before the surprising result of the 2016 presidential election made those same guys rejoice. In his first book, “Antisocial,” Marantz thinks his way through a dilemma. Ignoring this online contingent and its noxious brew of white nationalism and misogyny might withhold some of the mainstream attention it craves, but in an era of social media even the most marginal trolls can still propagate elaborate conspiracy theories, no matter how asinine.