Four Books That Will Turn You Into A Practical Thinker

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Life is complicated. And I find it fascinating that people tend to make it even more complicated by not thinking practically. One of the things that we never think about is the way we think. We waste a lot of time trying to solve problems that are not even problems. Have you ever considered that? For instance, one of the questions that I get asked often is: “I don’t know how to distribute my time. There are a lot of things I want to do in life. What’s the best way to do everything?” I think: Why do you even want to do everything? By wanting that, you’re fabricating a problem. From a practical point of view, you can only do a few things with your time, and that also means you can only do a few things in a lifetime. Therefore, life is not about quantity; it’s about quality. Less is better. And you want to eliminate everything that you’re not passionate about. Derek Sivers said it best: > If you’re not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, say “no”. That’s practical thinking. It’s something I’ve also learned over the past decade. Most people who meet me now think I’ve always been a practical thinker. That’s not true. It took me years to learn practical thinking. It’s difficult to simplify complex problems. And practical thinking is a valuable skill that has helped me to solve complex problems in my life and career. It has helped me to live a better and happier life. To learn practical thinking, you don’t have to study pragmatism (a philosophical movement that started a century ago) because that’s boring. Pragmatists called themselves anti-intellectualists and they didn’t even like philosophy. They argued that most philosophers wasted their time thinking about things that have zero practical value. The idea behind pragmatism is this: If something’s logical, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s useful. There are a lot of truths in the world. But so what? If a piece of advice, research, theory, or idea has no practical purpose for you (personally), it’s useless. Enough about that. Let’s get down to four books that helped me to become a practical thinker.
#1  Pragmatism
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