A Neglected Modern Masterpiece and Its Perverse Hero

By James Wood | including 1 item
Imagine a novel about an ambitious, slightly coarse, provincial young man, determined to make his name in the capital city. He is tall and strong, with uncanny blue eyes—“sea-cold,” “merman” eyes. He talks too loudly. One of the capital’s most polished journalists dismisses him as a “swaggering farmboy.” Even the rich heiress who almost marries him agrees with him that he is like a mountain troll from a fairy tale; her sister, on first meeting him, noticed his “slightly provincial shoes.” But he has brilliance and will, and others welcome this young engineer with a head full of projects as “the prototype of the active man of the twentieth century,” a figure from a different, luckier tale, an Aladdin (as one of his friends crowns him) who will surely prosper and triumph. The novel describes this journey.
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