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Wired is a monthly American magazine, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Media Feb 05, 2021, Friday
Finally, an Interesting Proposal for Section 230 Reform | WIRED
A new bill directly targets the most egregious excesses of online platform immunity.
cover Bussiness Jan 15, 2021, Friday
Facebook Can’t Fix What It Won’t Admit To | WIRED
According to a 2016 internal study, “64 percent of all extremist group joins are due to our recommendation tools … Our recommendation systems grow the problem.”
0 Politics Jan 10, 2021, Sunday
Post-Riot, the Capitol Hill IT Staff Faces a Security Mess | WIRED
Wednesday's insurrection could have exposed congressional data and devices in ways that have yet to be appreciated.
cover Media Jan 08, 2021, Friday
Platforms Must Pay for Their Role in the Insurrection | WIRED
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have spent years fomenting and enabling yesterday’s violence at the Capitol. Policymakers need to do something about it.
1 Bussiness Dec 15, 2020, Tuesday
Mark Zuckerberg’s Blue Christmas | WIRED
Plus: A WhatsApp cofounder’s regrets, the rules of chip hoarding, and a failed attempt at influencer marketing.
cover Culture Dec 14, 2020, Monday
A Letter to My Pandemic Baby | WIRED
On this week's Get WIRED podcast, an editor captures the bizarre world of 2020 for his unborn daughter.
cover Bussiness Dec 09, 2020, Wednesday
The Smoking Gun in the Facebook Antitrust Case | WIRED
The government wants to break up the world’s biggest social network. Internal company emails show why.
cover Tech Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
Behind the Paper That Led to a Google Researcher's Firing | WIRED
Timnit Gebru was one of seven authors on a study that examined prior research on training artificial intelligence models to understand language.
cover Health Dec 02, 2020, Wednesday
Two Global Efforts Try to Trace the Origin of the Covid Virus | WIRED
Both teams want to know when—or how often—the virus passed from animals to people. But the trail may have gone cold, and the search has gotten political.
cover News Nov 10, 2020, Tuesday
Who’s Still Covered by California’s Gig Worker Law? | WIRED
Uber and Lyft led a ballot measure that exempts them from AB 5. But millions of janitors, retail workers, and others are still covered by the statute.
cover Tech Nov 07, 2020, Saturday
Trump Broke the Internet. Can Joe Biden Fix It? | WIRED
From privacy to big tech monopolies, here’s an early look at what might actually happen in tech policy under a divided government.
0 Politics Nov 02, 2020, Monday
The Senate Race That Could be Pivotal for America—and Wikipedia | WIRED
One of the most important candidates in the country was denied her own entry for months, sparking a heated debate among the encyclopedia's editors.
0 Tech Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
The National Guard’s Fire-Mapping Drones Get An AI Upgrade | WIRED
Algorithms that quickly track the movement of wildfires could help firefighters‚ but the tech could also be put to non-humanitarian use.
cover News Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
How We’ll Know The Election Wasn’t Rigged | WIRED
Whether you’re casting a ballot in person or by mail, there’s plenty to worry about. Mass voter fraud shouldn’t be on the list.
0 News Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
How To Watch The First 2020 Presidential Debate | WIRED
Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet for the first time on a debate stage Tuesday night in Cleveland.
cover News Sep 18, 2020, Friday
Trump’s TikTok Circus Will Have Lasting Consequences | WIRED
The larger issues around China’s technological rise aren’t going away.
0 News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Epic Games' Lawsuit Fires A Shot At Apple's App Store 'Monopoly' | WIRED
The Fortnite developer filed a suit today in California that suggests it may even want to launch its own app store on iOS.
cover News Aug 05, 2020, Wednesday
It’s Not Just TikTok. Chinese Firms Face More US Roadblocks | WIRED
Chinese companies have been free to expand in the US while American firms were stymied by Beijing. Now, the climate is not as welcoming.
cover News Jul 31, 2020, Friday
Trump May Soon Order TikTok's Sale, As Microsoft Circles | WIRED
The short-video app is wildly popular with teens, but officials fear it could be a conduit for data to China, or for Beijing's propaganda.
cover News Jul 31, 2020, Friday
What The Science Of Animal Networks Reveals About Protests | WIRED
The movement of demonstrators echoes the fluid collective responses of the animal world, as groups respond to threats and signal across large spaces.
cover News Apr 16, 2020, Thursday
15 Months Of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook | WIRED
Scandals. Backstabbing. Resignations. Record profits. Time Bombs. In early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg set out to fix Facebook. Here's how that turned out.
cover News Feb 25, 2020, Tuesday
How to Watch Tonight's Democratic Debate in South Carolina | WIRED
It’s the last time candidates will meet on the debate stage before Saturday's South Carolina primary, as well as Super Tuesday.
cover News Feb 21, 2020, Friday
Russia Doesn't Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos | WIRED
The point of Kremlin interference has always been to find democracy’s loose seams, and pull.
0 News Feb 08, 2020, Saturday
How AI Is Tracking the Coronavirus Outbreak | WIRED
Machine-learning programs are analyzing websites, news reports, and social media posts for signs of symptoms, such as fever or breathing problems.
cover News Feb 03, 2020, Monday
YouTube Will Police Political Videos More Closely | WIRED
The social media site says it will remove manipulated videos and content that promotes conspiracy theories, marking a contrast with Facebook.
cover News David Nield Jan 12, 2020, Sunday
All the Ways Facebook Tracks You—and How to Limit It | WIRED
If you have a Facebook account—and even if you don't—the company is going to collect data about you. But you can at least control how it gets used.
cover News David Kushner Apr 09, 2019, Tuesday
A Brief History of Porn on the Internet | WIRED
Pornographers developed many early innovations in internet marketing, like pop-up ads and subscriptions. And women were among the most successful entrepreneurs in the business.