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0 Sports Jan 25, 2021, Monday
What Caused Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash That Killed the Lakers Icon and Eight Others | Vanity Fair
The helicopter ride last January should have been like any other: a short, scenic chop to Mamba Sports Academy. But things didn’t go as planned.
cover Books Dec 07, 2020, Monday
The 15 Best Books of 2020 | Vanity Fair
At the end of a turbulent year, these are the voices who might just be capable of guiding us into the uncertain future.
cover News Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
James Murdoch’s Seemingly-Abrupt News Corp Departure Was Months In The Making | Vanity Fair
James severed his last corporate link to the family’s media empire, in an unusually public glimpse into the Murdochs’ private ideological clashes.
cover News Jul 31, 2020, Friday
How Jared Kushner’s Secret Testing Plan “Went Poof Into Thin Air” | Vanity Fair
This spring, a team working under the president's son-in-law produced a plan for an aggressive, coordinated national COVID-19 response that could have brought the pandemic under control. So why did the White House spike it in favor of a shambolic 50-state response?
cover News Sep 20, 2018, Thursday
Tiger Mom Amy Chua Might Hold The Key To The Next Set Of Brett Kavanaugh Allegations | Vanity Fair
In July, Chua spoke up for Kavanaugh’s record of employing women, but a new report suggests a more complicated story.