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0 Health Jan 20, 2021, Wednesday
A New Strain of COVID-19 Is Being Blamed for a Surge in Cases in Brazil. Here's What to Know | Time
Some epidemiologists say the new variant is "the most plausible explanation" for the surge
cover Health Jan 11, 2021, Monday
How mRNA Technology Gave Us the First COVID-19 Vaccines | Time
Inside the remarkable scientific discoveries behind the new COVID-19 vaccines
cover Politics Jan 08, 2021, Friday
Past Capitol Activists Slam Police Leniency to Pro-Trump Mob | Time
Wednesday’s events have increased scrutiny around the question of who is allowed to feel safe on Capitol grounds
cover Politics Dec 23, 2020, Wednesday
Biden Picks Former Teacher for Education Secretary | Time
Miguel Cardona, a former elementary school teacher, has been an advocate for in-person learning this year
cover Politics Dec 17, 2020, Thursday
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Agency Hacked in Massive Cyber-Attack | Time
An investigation has found the hack didn’t affect “mission-essential national security functions,” a Department of Energy spokesperson said in a statement.
cover Tech Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
100 Best Inventions of 2020 | TIME
Groundbreaking innovations that are making the world better, smarter and a little more fun
cover Media Dec 07, 2020, Monday
What to Know About Criticism of the Facebook Oversight Board | Time
Some critics argue the Facebook Oversight Board's powers are too limited to actually take on the big-picture problems Facebook has with misinformation and hate speech
cover Politics Dec 07, 2020, Monday
Georgia Is Becoming Ground Zero For Election Disinformation | Time
A new study finds Facebook is failing to add warning or fact-checking labels to election disinformation on questionable posts in Georgia
cover Health Nov 26, 2020, Thursday
Food Banks Strained During COVID-19 Pandemic | Time
Food insecurity is increasing as unemployment rates continue to rise
cover News Nov 15, 2020, Sunday
The Candidates Who Made History in the 2020 U.S. Election | Time
The 2020 elections saw many firsts for winning LGBTQ candidates and candidates of color
cover Politics Nov 13, 2020, Friday
Here's Every Trump Campaign Lawsuit Filed Since Election Day | Time
Trump's campaign blitzed U.S. courts with new lawsuits this week. Judges have so far rejected most of them.
cover Law Oct 25, 2020, Sunday
Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine: Exclusive | Time
Giuliani claimed he obtained Hunter Biden's emails from a broken laptop in Delaware
cover Politics Sep 21, 2020, Monday
Why The Supreme Court Should Have 27 Justices, Not 9 | Time
Such a proposal isn’t unconstitutional, nor even that radical
0 News Sep 14, 2020, Monday
America's 1% Has Taken $50 Trillion From The Bottom 90% | Time
A new report shows that a $50 trillion redistribution of income to benefit the richest has made America less healthy, resilient, and secure
0 Sports Sep 13, 2020, Sunday
Naomi Osaka: She Wore BLM Masks To 'Make People Start Talking' | Time
Osaka won the U.S. Open's singles tournament on Saturday
cover News Jul 29, 2020, Wednesday
Postal Service Mulls Downsizing: Senator And Union Leader | Time
The U.S. Postal Service is considering closing post offices across the country, sparking concerns for mail-in ballots
cover News Jul 24, 2020, Friday
Where Did Coronavirus Originate? Inside The Hunt To Find Out | Time
How did this virus travel from a bat colony to the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak was first documented?
cover News Jul 09, 2020, Thursday
It's A Defining Moment In The Fight Against Climate Change | Time
The time frame for effective climate action was always going to be tight, but the coronavirus pandemic has shrunk it further
0 News May 24, 2020, Sunday
The Coronavirus Crisis in the U.S. Is a Failure of Democracy | Time
The coronavirus pandemic is not, at root, a failure of public health in the U.S. It’s a failure of democracy, writes former Obama speechwriter David Litt.
0 News Chaarlie Campbell Jan 29, 2020, Wednesday
Americans Trapped in Wuhan Angry at U.S. Government | Time
After the coronavirus outbreak led to a lockdown in Wuhan, the U.S. chartered a flight out of the city and charged private citizens $1,000 for a seat.
cover News Martin London Jan 20, 2020, Monday
John Roberts Has the Power to Allow Impeachment Witnesses | Time
If John Roberts deems it relevant to call witnesses during the impeachment trial, he, as presiding officer, has the power and the duty to do so, whatever Mitch McConnell thinks.