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The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast is an American opinion website focused on politics and pop culture. Law Jan 22, 2021, Friday
DOJ Attorney Linked to Trump AG Plot Also Intervened in E. Jean Carroll Case
Jeffrey Clark appears to have signed off personally on the decision for the DOJ to intervene on behalf of Trump in the defamation lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll.
cover Politics Jan 15, 2021, Friday
Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump Are Getting Death Threats Like ‘He Won’t Last Until the Primary’
Just one day after voting to impeach Trump, the 10 Republicans who sided against him have endured both physical and political threats.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
Inside the Alt-Right Meltdown After Failed Capitol Putsch
Alt-right white supremacists are accusing each other of being feds and pushing for more terror.
cover Politics Jan 08, 2021, Friday
‘Traitor!’: Lindsey Graham Besieged by Trump Fans at Airport
“One day you will not be able to walk down the street. It is today,” one woman with a QAnon T-shirt screamed at the South Carolina senator.
cover Politics Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
Shocked by the Capitol Building Riots? You Were Warned.
From murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, to the president telling Proud Boys to stand by, this did not come out of nowhere.
cover Politics Dec 30, 2020, Wednesday
Ted Cruz’s Georgia Runoff Fundraising Is Actually Going to His Campaign. He’s Not Alone
The runoff is a gold mine for politicians. And now that they can run Facebook ads in Georgia, they’re rushing for it.
cover Politics Nov 25, 2020, Wednesday
Sen. David Perdue Insisted He Had No Input At All On Stock Buys. New Evidence Shows He Did.
A new report shows the Georgia senator reaching out directly to his investment adviser at Goldman Sachs directing him to make a massive stock sale.
cover News Nov 15, 2020, Sunday
The Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Ex-Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Just Took a Wild Turn
One current Fox News staffer says her own claims against the former Fox anchor have been inaccurately portrayed in the latest complaint against him.
cover Politics Oct 31, 2020, Saturday
Biden Camp Cancels Austin, Texas Event After Pro-Trump ‘Ambush’ on Campaign Bus
Dozens of pickup trucks, many with Trump flags, surrounded a Biden campaign bus as it traveled from San Antonio to Austin.
cover News Oct 29, 2020, Thursday
Puerto Rican Voters Could Flip Florida If They Had ID
Laws on the mainland and bureaucratic breakdown on the island complicate voting for Floridians fleeing disaster.
cover News Oct 12, 2020, Monday
California GOP Caught Installing Unofficial Ballot Drop-Off Boxes for Election, Says Report
One state Republican operative posted a photo of himself next to one of the very unofficial boxes that was marked: “Official ballot drop-off box.”
cover News Oct 05, 2020, Monday
NYT Reporter Who Caught COVID-19 After Air Force One Trip Says He’s Still Had No Contact From White House
NYT’s Michael D. Shear believes he was hit by the same outbreak that has reached the president and several of his team.
cover News Sep 24, 2020, Thursday
Putin’s Troll Farm Busted Running Sprawling Network Of Facebook Pages
The Russian operation used Facebook to find and recruit authentic, unwitting people to help hype their propaganda, many of them journalists.
cover News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
Banks Processed Paul Manafort’s Millions Despite Being Warned Transactions Were Suspicious
Files in FinCEN probe show Deutsche Bank appears to have facilitated over half of $2 trillion in suspicious transactions
cover Health Sep 14, 2020, Monday
ICE Whistleblower Complaint Alleges ‘Uterus Collector’ Doctor Performed Mass Hysterectomies
The allegations are part of a larger complaint alleging “jarring medical neglect” and lack of coronavirus safety precautions at a detention center in Georgia.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
Zuckerberg Dumped On By Facebook Employees Over Handling Of Militia, QAnon Groups
CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted Facebook had made an “operational mistake” by failing to remove a militia group’s page with a “call to arms” in advance of Tuesday’s Kenosha protest.
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Connecting The Dots Between Kelly Loeffler’s Big-Money Backers
A new super PAC is dropping huge sums attacking Loeffler’s opponent, and her campaign is quietly making its resources available
News Georgia
0 News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
The American Herald Is A ‘News’ Site Bought And Paid For By Donald Trump’s Official Super PAC
The American Herald calls itself “a conservative news platform.” It’s actually just an extension of the Trump political machine.
cover News Jul 31, 2020, Friday
What Happened To Stacey Abrams Will Happen To Joe Biden
The stakes couldn’t be higher: Past the presidency, the elections will affect the Census, the redrawing of political lines, and the allocation of resources and political power.
0 News Jul 30, 2020, Thursday
The Nazi Hunter Taking On Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook
Serge Klarsfeld has spent his life pursuing Nazis. Now, he’s teamed up with a number of other Holocaust activists and survivors to combat Facebook’s support of Holocaust denialism.
cover News Jul 30, 2020, Thursday
Russian Media Is Giddy At Chaos In The USA, Claims ‘America’s Dying’
From the U.S. troop drawdown in Germany to Trump’s refusal to slam Russia over soldier bounties, Russian state media is jubilant over America acting in the Kremlin’s interests.
cover News Jul 23, 2020, Thursday
Trump: Vote-By-Mail Is Rigged. Trump’s Campaign? It’s ‘Easy And Secure.’
The campaign’s mailing appears to directly contradict the president’s consistent public statements since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic.
cover politics Jul 06, 2020, Monday
Trump’s Small Biz Rescue Bailed Out Kushner’s Family, Obama’s Aides and Other Political Elite
The PPP program was designed to help small businesses. And it has. But some of the most connected figures in politics also cashed in.
cover News Jun 05, 2020, Friday
New York Times Executives Take Turns Apologizing To Quell Staff Revolt Over Tom Cotton’s ‘Send In The Troops’
In a tense staff meeting, the paper admitted to inviting Sen. Cotton to write the “Send in the Troops” column, and said it will overhaul the frequently controversial opinion page.
News NYT
0 politics May 29, 2020, Friday
Mark Zuckerberg Profits from Rage as Much as Donald Trump Does
The Facebook boss sure talks pretty about his commitment to democracy. But he profits from Trump's lies. So maybe his real commitment is to something else.
cover World Emma Tucker Jan 23, 2020, Thursday
George Soros Accuses Facebook of Working to Help Trump Win 2020 Election
“Facebook will work to re-elect Trump and Trump will protect Facebook,” the billionaire philanthropist said in Davos, Switzerland.
cover arts-and-culture Jul 22, 2019, Monday
OAN, Trump’s New Favorite Channel, Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist
Kristian Rouz appears on segments for One America News Network—ironic given he is working for a Russian outlet fingered in the 2016 election attack.
cover News Feb 23, 2018, Friday
Trump Hotel Paid Millions In Fines For Unpaid Work
In one case, a contractor was paid after getting a phone call from ‘Trump.’