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0 Politics Jan 14, 2021, Thursday
Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement on Biden-Harris Administration’s Emergency Relief Package | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“When President-elect Biden was elected, he told the American people that ‘Help is on the way.’ With the COVID-rescue package the President-elect announced today, he is moving swiftly to deliver that help and to meet the needs of the American people. House and Senate Democrats express gratitude toward and look forward to working with the President-elect on the rescue plan."
cover Politics Jan 10, 2021, Sunday
Pelosi Statement on the Passing of Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“On behalf of the House of Representatives, I send deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Officer Howard Liebengood.
cover Politics Jan 08, 2021, Friday
Pelosi Statement on Death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the death of Officer Brian Sicknick, a twelve-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police, who died following the assault on the Capitol on Wednesday
cover Politics Dec 28, 2020, Monday
Floor Speech on Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help Act of 2020 | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives in support of increasing direct payments to Americans to $2,000 via H.R. 9051, the Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help (CASH) Act of 2020. Below are the Speaker’s remarks
cover Politics Dec 24, 2020, Thursday
Pelosi Statement on House Republicans Blocking Unanimous Consent Request to Increase Economic Impact Payments | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on House Republicans blocking Democrats’ Unanimous Consent request to increase economic impact payments to $2,000, as the President called for
cover Politics Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
Pelosi Statement on Leader McConnell’s Remarks on Bipartisan COVID Talks | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s remarks today undermining the bipartisan talks between Members of the House and Senators to achieve a COVID relief package: "Leader McConnell's efforts to undermine good-faith, bipartisan negotiations are appalling. "What does Leader McConnell have against our heroes? Our health care workers, our first responders and other frontline workers have risked their lives to save lives.
cover News Dec 02, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi Statement on Sentencing of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Leaders | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“China’s brutal sentencing of these young champions of democracy in Hong Kong is appalling. This injustice is clear proof that Beijing will stop at nothing to stamp out dissent and to destroy the freedoms and real autonomy guaranteed to the people of Hong Kong."
cover News Oct 06, 2020, Tuesday
Pelosi Statement On Trump Walking Away From Coronavirus Relief | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“Walking away from coronavirus talks demonstrates that President Trump is unwilling to crush the virus, as is required by the Heroes Act. He shows his contempt for science, his disdain for our heroes – in health care, first responders, sanitation, transportation, food workers, teachers, teachers, teachers and others – and he refuses to put money in workers’ pockets, unless his name is printed on the check."
cover News Oct 02, 2020, Friday
Pelosi Statement On House Passage Of Resolution Condemning Unwanted Medical Procedures On Immigrant Women | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Today, with the passage of H. Res. 1153, the House has sent a clear and unequivocal message: the infliction of unwanted, invasive and life-altering medical procedures on immigrant women is an appalling human rights abuse that demands immediate and full accountability.
cover News Sep 26, 2020, Saturday
Pelosi Statement On Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“For four years, President Trump has tried to crush the Affordable Care Act in the Congress and the Courts. This nomination threatens the destruction of life-saving protections for 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions together with every other benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act."
cover News Sep 16, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Trump Urging Republicans To ‘Go For The Much Higher Numbers’ In Coronavirus Negotiations | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
We are encouraged that after months of the Senate Republicans insisting on shortchanging the massive needs of the American people, President Trump is now calling on Republicans to ‘go for the much higher numbers’ in the next coronavirus relief package.
cover News Sep 13, 2020, Sunday
Pelosi Statement On Trump’s Latest Prescription Drug Price Sham | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“Once again, President Trump is making empty promises instead of taking actual action to lower Americans’ drug prices. In fact, Trump’s rebate rule will increase premiums for America’s seniors and people with disabilities.
cover News Sep 08, 2020, Tuesday
Pelosi, Schumer Statement On Senate Republican COVID Bill | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
In May, while the American people and small businesses were crying out for help in dealing with a pandemic and recession, Sen. McConnell dismissed their needs, saying that Senate Republicans would ‘take a pause’ and ‘wait and see.’ Now, after months of inaction, Republicans are finally realizing the damage their pause has done to the American economy and our nation’s health.
cover News Aug 31, 2020, Monday
Pelosi Statement On Court Of Appeals Panel Ruling In McGahn Case | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“This unprecedented ruling again represents a direct challenge to our Constitution’s system of checks and balances and therefore to our very Democracy, particularly in light of this Administration’s blanket defiance and obstruction of Congress’s constitutional legislative oversight authority."
cover News Aug 29, 2020, Saturday
Speaker Pelosi And Chairman Schiff Statement On Cancellation Of Election Security Briefings By Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has informed us that it will no longer provide briefings to Members of Congress, including the House and Senate Intelligence committees, on foreign efforts to interfere in our upcoming election. This is a shocking abdication of its lawful responsibility to keep the Congress currently informed, and a betrayal of the public’s right to know how foreign powers are trying to subvert our democracy. This intelligence belongs to the American people, not the agencies which are its custodian. And the American people have both the right and the need to know that another nation, Russia, is trying to help decide who their president should be."
cover News Aug 19, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi Statement After Conversation With Postmaster General | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
This morning, I spoke with Postmaster General DeJoy and conveyed to him that his announcement is not a solution and is misleading.
cover News Aug 12, 2020, Wednesday
Pelosi, Maloney Joined By 173 House Democrats In Calling On Postmaster General To Reverse Assault On Postal Service | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
In a new letter to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Committee on Oversight and Reform Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and 173 other House Democrats today called for the reversal of policies that have worsened the crisis facing the Postal Service and exacerbated a dramatic increase in delayed and undelivered mail.
cover News Jul 18, 2020, Saturday
Pelosi, Blumenauer Issue Joint Statement On Trump Administration Actions In Portland | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Earl Blumenauer of Portland, Oregon issued this statement regarding the Trump Administration’s violent tactics used against protestors in Portland, Oregon