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ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force. We dig deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — and we stick with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account. Education Jun 09, 2021, Wednesday
After Grace’s Story, Michigan Will Study Its Juvenile Justice System — ProPublica
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer appointed a task force to examine the state’s juvenile justice system and recommend reforms after a Black teen was jailed for not doing her online coursework.
cover Politics Apr 22, 2021, Thursday
How Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene Juiced Their Fundraising Numbers — ProPublica
Politicians get the veneer of grassroots support, while shadowy consultants get rich.
cover Media Feb 24, 2021, Wednesday
Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Company’s Business — ProPublica
Amid a 2018 Turkish military campaign, Facebook ultimately sided with Turkey’s demand to block the page of a mostly Kurdish militia. “I am fine with this,” Sandberg wrote.
cover Politics Feb 13, 2021, Saturday
“I Don’t Trust the People Above Me”: Riot Squad Cops Open Up About Disastrous Response to Capitol Insurrection — ProPublica
Interviews with 19 current and former officers show how failures of leadership and communication put hundreds of Capitol cops at risk and allowed rioters to get dangerously close to members of Congress.
cover Bussiness Jan 22, 2021, Friday
All a Gig-Economy Pioneer Had to Do Was “Politely Disagree” It Was Violating Federal Law and the Labor Department Walked Away — ProPublica
An Obama administration Labor Department investigator estimated that Arise Virtual Solutions owed its network of 20,000 customer service agents $14.2 million. The company paid nothing.
0 Health Jan 21, 2021, Thursday
How Many Vaccine Shots Go to Waste? Several States Aren’t Counting. — ProPublica
The CDC says health facilities should report unused and spoiled COVID-19 vaccines, but many are failing to do so. At a time when there aren’t enough shots to meet demand, significant numbers may be going in the trash.
cover Media Jan 19, 2021, Tuesday
Twitter and YouTube Banned Steve Bannon. Apple Still Gives Him Millions of Listeners. — ProPublica
Steve Bannon broadcasts election denialism and apocalyptic calls to action several times a day via Apple’s podcast app. He’s not the only one using the platform to spread claims that became a rallying cry of the mob that threatened the Capitol.
cover Politics Jan 15, 2021, Friday
New Video Details Tense Moments as Capitol Mob Sought Out Lawmakers — ProPublica
New video, found in an archive of data uploaded to Parler, includes a fresh look at the mob’s confrontation with Eugene Goodman, the officer credited for luring rioters away from senators during the early moments of the Capitol riot.
cover Politics Jan 14, 2021, Thursday
“No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years — ProPublica
Allegations of racism against the Capitol Police are nothing new: Over 250 Black cops have sued the department since 2001. Some of those former officers now say it’s no surprise white nationalists were able to storm the building.
0 Politics Jan 09, 2021, Saturday
Members of Several Well-Known Hate Groups Identified at Capitol Riot
A ProPublica-FRONTLINE review of the insurrection found several noted hardcore nativists and white nationalists who also participated in the 2017 white power rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Politics Dec 24, 2020, Thursday
Alice Stebbins Noticed $200 Million Missing, Then She Was Fired
Alice Stebbins was hired to fix the finances of California’s powerful utility regulator. She was fired after finding $200 million for the state’s deaf, blind and poor residents was missing.
cover Media Dec 19, 2020, Saturday
Leaked Documents Show How China’s Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus
As the coronavirus spread in China, the government stage-managed what appeared on the domestic internet to make the virus look less severe and the authorities more capable, according to thousands of leaked directives and other files. Health Dec 18, 2020, Friday
Only Seven of Stanford’s First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents — ProPublica
Stanford Medicine officials relied on a faulty algorithm to determine who should get vaccinated first, and it prioritized some high-ranking doctors over patient-facing medical residents.
cover Politics Dec 10, 2020, Thursday
Sen. David Perdue Sold His Home to a Finance Industry Official Whose Organization Was Lobbying the Senate — ProPublica
The same year FINRA was lobbying the Senate on a bill, one of its board governors paid Perdue $1.8 million for his D.C. townhouse. Perdue sits on the Senate Banking Committee, which oversaw the bill.
cover Environment Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
Federal Regulators Are Rewriting Environmental Rules So a Massive Pipeline Can Be Built — ProPublica
Federal regulators and West Virginia agencies are rewriting environmental rules again to pave the way for construction of a major natural gas pipeline across Appalachia, even after an appeals court blocked the pipeline for the second time.
cover Law Dec 07, 2020, Monday
NYPD Cops Cash In on Sex Trade Arrests With Little Evidence, While Black and Brown New Yorkers Pay the Price — ProPublica
Some NYPD officers who police the sex trade, driven by overtime pay, go undercover to round up as many “bodies” as they can with little evidence. Almost no one they arrest is white.
cover Politics Dec 04, 2020, Friday
It Wasn’t the First Time the NYPD Killed Someone in Crisis. For Kawaski Trawick, It Only Took 112 Seconds. — ProPublica
Trawick was alone in his apartment when an officer pushed open the door. He was holding a bread knife and a stick. “Why are you in my home?” he asked. He never got an answer.
cover Law Dec 04, 2020, Friday
The NYPD Said the Killing of Kawaski Trawick “Appears to Be Justified.” Video Shows Officers Escalated the Situation. — ProPublica
Footage shows the killing of the 32-year-old Black man in his home by a white officer — over the objections of his Black, more-experienced partner. Both officers are still on duty.
cover Politics Dec 04, 2020, Friday
Pistols, a Hearse and Trucks Playing Chicken: Why Some Voters Felt Harassed and Intimidated at the Polls — ProPublica
Across the country, people complained about threats, aggressive electioneering and racist language both at early voting locations and on Election Day. We’ve corroborated some of those accounts.
cover Environment Nov 25, 2020, Wednesday
Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20
The Trump administration is rushing to approve dozens of eleventh-hour policy changes. Among them: The Justice Department is fast-tracking a rule that could reintroduce firing squads and electrocutions to federal executions. Politics Nov 20, 2020, Friday
The Long Odds Facing Trump’s Attempts to Get State Legislatures to Override Election Results — ProPublica
State representatives in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia could do the president’s bidding. But the political and legal obstacles are formidable.
cover Politics Nov 20, 2020, Friday
Georgia Senator David Perdue Privately Pushed for a Tax Break for Rich Sports Teamowners — ProPublica
It’s unclear why Senator Perdue was interested in tax regulation that would impact only a tiny set of the richest Americans. The effort, which wasn’t successful, could have helped several of his donors, including fellow senator Kelly Loeffler.
cover Health Nov 13, 2020, Friday
The Enraging Deja Vu of a Third Coronavirus Wave — ProPublica
Health care workers don’t need patronizing praise. They need resources, federal support, and for us to stay healthy and out of their hospitals. In many cases, none of that is happening.
cover Media Nov 12, 2020, Thursday
Trump Won Florida After Running a False Ad on YouTube Tying Biden to Venezuelan Socialists — ProPublica
A Trump video targeting Florida’s growing Venezuelan American population falsely claimed that Venezuela’s socialist regime wanted Biden to win. But President Nicolás Maduro has said that he opposed both candidates.
cover Politics Nov 10, 2020, Tuesday
The Myth of the Latino Vote and What Newsrooms Must Learn From 2020 — ProPublica
This election once again showed the need for more distinct voices in newsrooms. ProPublica and Texas Tribune reporter Perla Trevizo explains why newsrooms must comprise and engage the communities they cover — and not just before an election.
0 Politics Nov 04, 2020, Wednesday
If Trump Tries to Sue His Way to Election Victory, Here’s What Happens — ProPublica
It’s easy enough for the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit claiming improprieties, but a lot harder to provide evidence of wrongdoing or a convincing legal argument. Here’s what you need to know as the election lawsuits start to mount.
0 Politics Oct 29, 2020, Thursday
Susan Collins Backed Down From a Fight With Private Equity. Now They’re Underwriting Her Reelection.
The Maine Republican senator has become the No. 1 Senate recipient of private equity donations.
cover News Oct 26, 2020, Monday
With All Eyes on Wisconsin, Partisan Gridlock at State Elections Commission Frustrates Voters and Local Officials — ProPublica
The commission that oversees voting in the swing state has deadlocked along party lines this year on a record number of key issues, resulting in inconsistency, turmoil, and delays.
cover Politics Oct 24, 2020, Saturday
Could Trump’s Success With Cuban American Voters Help Tip Florida His Way? — ProPublica
Many Cuban Americans oppose steps the White House has taken against Cuba, but they are still backing his hard-line approach.
0 News Oct 22, 2020, Thursday
Pennsylvania’s New Vote-by-Mail Law Expands Access for Everyone Except the Poor — ProPublica
In America’s poorest big city, language barriers, unstable housing and lack of internet access make voting by mail difficult. So low-income Philadelphia residents will be voting in person, if at all.
cover News Oct 17, 2020, Saturday
Why Do Nonwhite Georgia Voters Have to Wait in Line for Hours? Their Numbers Have Soared, and Their Polling Places Have Dwindled. — ProPublica
The state’s voter rolls have grown by nearly 2 million since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, but polling locations have been cut by almost 10%, with Metro Atlanta hit particularly hard.
cover News Oct 15, 2020, Thursday
Inside the Fall of the CDC
How the world’s greatest public health organization was brought to its knees by a virus, the president and the capitulation of its own leaders, causing damage that could last much longer than the coronavirus.
cover News Oct 02, 2020, Friday
California Will Keep Burning. But Housing Policy Is Making It Worse. — ProPublica
There are ways to keep people and homes safer from wildfires. Then, there’s what California does.
cover Politics Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
The Obama Justice Department Had a Plan to Hold Police Accountable for Abuses. The Trump DOJ Has Undermined It. — ProPublica
The Trump administration has not aggressively enforced existing agreements to monitor abusive law enforcement agencies, emboldening them to fight reforms.
0 News Sep 24, 2020, Thursday
Foreign Hackers Cripple Texas County’s Email System, Raising Election Security Concerns — ProPublica
The malware attack, which sent fake email replies to voters and businesses, spotlights an overlooked vulnerability in counties that don’t follow best practices for computer security.
cover News Sep 23, 2020, Wednesday
How Criminal Cops Often Avoid Jail — ProPublica
New Jersey officers accused of violence, sexual misconduct and more have walked free in deals that dodge a tough sentencing law. Now lawmakers want to eliminate it.
0 News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
What The Photos Of Wildfires And Smoke Don’t Show You — ProPublica
The West will need “good fire” — controlled, managed fire that balances the ecosystem — to stave off deadly, out-of-control fire. We need to know what that looks like.
cover News Sep 18, 2020, Friday
Oil Companies Are Profiting From Illegal Spills. And California Lets Them. — ProPublica
California may be a global leader on combating climate change, but state regulators have allowed companies like Chevron to make millions from inland oil spills that can endanger workers and damage the environment.
cover News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
Climate Change Will Force A New American Migration — ProPublica
Wildfires rage in the West. Hurricanes batter the East. Droughts and floods wreak damage throughout the nation. Life has become increasingly untenable in the hardest-hit areas, but if the people there move, where will everyone go?
0 News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
No Democrats Allowed: A Conservative Lawyer Holds Secret Voter Fraud Meetings With State Election Officials — ProPublica
Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, whose work about voting fraud has been discredited, has been conducting private meetings for Republicans only.
cover News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
ICE Deported A Woman Who Accused Guards Of Sexual Assault While The Feds Were Still Investigating The Incident — ProPublica
The DHS and DOJ inspectors general are investigating allegations that ICE guards assaulted detainees in camera blind spots. DHS instructed ICE not to deport a key witness, then suddenly decided to allow it.
cover News Sep 14, 2020, Monday
America Is About To Lose Its 200,000th Life To Coronavirus. How Many More Have To Die? — ProPublica
As another grim milestone approaches, here are the lessons officials ignored and what the country needs to do to prevent further tragedy.