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Public Broadcasting Service
The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor. It is a nonprofit organization and the most prominent provider of educational television programming to public television stations in the United States Politics Mar 30, 2021, Tuesday
Biden announces diverse first slate of judicial nominees | PBS NewsHour
Biden calls it a "trailblazing slate" of nominees. The White House says the nominees reflect Biden's belief that the federal courts should reflect the "full diversity of the American people."
cover Politics Mar 22, 2021, Monday
WATCH: D.C. Mayor Bowser testifies on bill to make D.C. the 51st state | PBS NewsHour
Bowser is calling on the 117th Congress to pass the statehood legislation and put it on President Joe Biden's desk within the first 100 days.
cover Politics Feb 12, 2021, Friday
Key takeaways from Day 4 of Trump’s second impeachment trial | PBS NewsHour
Former President Donald Trump’s defense team was allotted up to 16 hours to present their case, but made clear Friday they believed they needed far less to prove that Trump was not responsible for inciting the Capitol attack on Jan. 6.
cover Politics Feb 10, 2021, Wednesday
Key takeaways from Day 2 of Trump’s second impeachment trial | PBS NewsHour
Democrats spent the second day of the Senate trial laying out in detail the seriousness of the Jan. 6 security breach at the Capitol, where former Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers narrowly escaped coming face-to-face with rioters intent on stopping Congress from conducting a final count of the Electoral College results.
cover Politics Jan 20, 2021, Wednesday
Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Alex Padilla sworn into U.S. Senate, giving Democrats control | PBS NewsHour
Vice President Kamala Harris has delivered the oath of office to Democrats Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Alex Padilla.
cover Politics Jan 14, 2021, Thursday
Jill Biden to name director for military families program | PBS NewsHour
Jill Biden on Thursday was naming Rory Brosiu executive director of Joining Forces to revive a support program for military families that she once led with former first lady Michelle Obama.
cover Politics Jan 08, 2021, Friday
Murkowski becomes first GOP Senator calling for Trump’s resignation | PBS NewsHour
The Alaska Republican tells the Anchorage Daily News that she wants Trump to resign after a violent mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol, forcing a lockdown. Five people died, including a Capitol Police officer.
cover Politics Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
Police response at the Capitol brings claims of ‘white privilege’ | PBS NewsHour
The treatment of the violent mob at the Capitol by law enforcement versus the heavy-handed tactics employed on peaceful protests over racial justice has been widely talked about since Wednesday. Amna Nawaz spoke with Ibram X. Kendi, director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, to learn more.
cover Politics Jan 06, 2021, Wednesday
Biden inauguration to feature memorial for COVID victims | PBS NewsHour
President-elect Joe Biden is planning a lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to honor those killed by the coronavirus the day before he is sworn into office on Jan. 20.
cover Politics Dec 28, 2020, Monday
House approves Trump’s $2,000 checks, sending to GOP-led Senate | PBS NewsHour
The vote divides Republicans who mostly resist more spending. But many House Republicans joined in support, despite being wary of bucking the president. Senators are set to return to session Tuesday to consider the measure.
cover Health Dec 14, 2020, Monday
The essential COVID-19 vaccine FAQ | PBS NewsHour
The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and the need for face masks, hand-washing and social distancing remain. But the largest vaccination campaign in United States history has also begun protecting its first recipients.
0 Health Nov 13, 2020, Friday
Co-chair of Biden’s COVID task force on plans to fight pandemic | PBS NewsHour
This week, President-elect Biden announced a COVID-19 task force to prepare specific plans for the months ahead -- and assess what can be done differently as coronavirus rages across the country. Dr. Vivek Murthy, a former U.S. surgeon general, is a co-chair of the group, and he joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the current surge, encouraging vaccine data and how Americans can keep coping.
News Pandemic
0 Politics Oct 26, 2020, Monday
Podcast: Why voter suppression continues and how the pandemic has made it worse | PBS NewsHour
The disenfranchisement of voters has been a part of America’s history for as long as it’s held elections, and this year is no different. A look at the history of voter suppression and what it looks like in a pandemic.
0 Politics Oct 23, 2020, Friday
How to read the polls in 2020 and avoid the mistakes of 2016 | PBS NewsHour
Political polls should not be mistaken for crystal balls. That doesn’t mean they serve no purpose.
0 Politics Oct 19, 2020, Monday
How fear-based campaigning is affecting American voters | PBS NewsHour
This year’s election is raising anxiety levels across the country. Why are so many Americans feeling stressed and fearful as the presidential campaigns enter their final sprint? We hear from some of them, and Lisa Desjardins reports on the conscious political strategy of scaring voters into a particular point of view.
0 News Oct 19, 2020, Monday
Pelosi, Mnuchin report progress on pandemic relief — but time is running short | PBS NewsHour
While the presidential candidates make their pitches to voters across the country, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are continuing negotiations over another coronavirus relief package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said their differences on a bill are narrowing -- but meanwhile, time is running short. Lisa Desjardins and Yamiche Alcindor join Amna Nawaz to discuss.
cover News Oct 15, 2020, Thursday
Oakland, Portland sue over use of federal agents at protests | PBS NewsHour
The lawsuit cites the deployment of U.S. agents to quell protests and also accuses the U.S. Marshals Service of acting unlawfully by deputizing dozens of local police officers as federal agents despite objections from city officials.
cover News Oct 14, 2020, Wednesday
California GOP says it won’t remove unofficial ballot boxes | PBS NewsHour
Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, both Democrats, say the boxes are illegal. They have ordered the party to remove them by Thursday.
cover News Oct 10, 2020, Saturday
How Maine’s unique voting system may play out this election | PBS NewsHour Weekend
Maine is the only state, apart from Nebraska, that divides its four electoral votes. In 2016, President Trump lost the state but got one electoral college vote, as he won one of the state’s two congressional districts. Maine Public Radio’s Chief Political Correspondent Steven Mistler joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the two campaigns, polls, and how Maine’s ranked-choice voting results could impact the overall election.
0 News Oct 08, 2020, Thursday
Washington D.C. health department asks White House staff to get tested | PBS NewsHour
The Washington D.C. Department of Health has released an open letter saying contact tracing on the outbreak has been insufficient and “there may be other staff and residents at risk for exposure to COVID positive individuals.”
cover News Oct 05, 2020, Monday
Vice Presidential Debate Will Have Plexiglass Shield Between Condidates | PBS NewsHour
The Biden-Harris campaign requested a plexiglass shield for Wednesday's vice presidential debate, and the Commission on Presidential Debates agreed to it.
cover News Oct 04, 2020, Sunday
This Multimillion Dollar CA Ballot Measure Could Decide The Future Of Gig Work | PBS NewsHour Weekend
This November, Californians will vote on the future of gig work for rideshare and delivery drivers for companies like Uber, Doordash and Lyft. While a new state law categorizes the workers as ‘employees,’ the companies, who have put over $181 million towards the initiative, want them to be ‘independent contractors.’ Laura Fong reports on what the drivers want and Sam Harnett of KQED joins to discuss its impact, if passed.
cover News Oct 02, 2020, Friday
What Happens When U.S. Presidents Get Sick? History Offers Clues | PBS NewsHour
After Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, presidential historians look back at times when the health of the commander-in-chief and the nation's well-being were intertwined.
0 News Sep 30, 2020, Wednesday
Portland Asks U.S. To Rescind Deputization Of City Police | PBS NewsHour
The mayor of Portland has asked the U.S. attorney's office to end the federal deputation of dozens of police officers in Oregon's largest city as part of the response to ongoing protests in the city.
cover News Sep 30, 2020, Wednesday
California To Study Reparations For Black Americans | PBS NewsHour
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the law on Wednesday. It sets up a nine-member task force to come up with a plan for how the state could give reparations to Black Americans.
cover News Sep 30, 2020, Wednesday
Unrelenting Fires Continue To Ravage Northern California | PBS NewsHour
Wildfires are again devastating Northern California’s wine country, with dozens of homes and thousands of acres burning this week alone. More than 8,000 wildfires have raged across the state this season, destroying over 7,000 buildings and nearly 5,800 square miles. Weary fire crews are struggling to keep up the effort to contain the blazes amid difficult weather conditions. Stephanie Sy reports.
cover News Sep 30, 2020, Wednesday
Kentucky AG seeks to delay release of Breonna Taylor grand jury files | PBS NewsHour
The workings of a Kentucky grand jury that brought no charges against police in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor are set to be opened, upending a long tradition of keeping those proceedings secret.
cover News Sep 23, 2020, Wednesday
1 Officer Indicted In Breonna Taylor Case, But Not For Her Death | PBS NewsHour
Brett Hankison was charged Wednesday with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into the apartments of Taylor's neighbors. Taylor was shot multiple times by officers who burst into her home on March 13 during a narcotics investigation.
cover News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
Sen. Hassan: GOP ‘changed The Rules’ About SCOTUS Hearings In 2016 | PBS NewsHour
With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death leaving an opening on the U.S. Supreme Court mere weeks from the presidential election, a political battle is escalating over whether President Trump and Senate Republicans should push through a nominee before the country votes. Can Democrats stop them? New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan joins Judy Woodruff to discuss Ginsburg's legacy and what comes next.
cover News Sep 19, 2020, Saturday
What Every Republican Senator Has Said About Filling A Supreme Court Vacancy In An Election Year | PBS NewsHour
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death leaves a vacancy on the Supreme Court just before the presidential election, as Justice Antonin Scalia's did in 2016, when Barack Obama was president. Here’s what Senate Republicans said in 2016, and what they’ve said publicly now.
cover News Sep 19, 2020, Saturday
Ginsburg To Be Remembered With Statue In Her Native Brooklyn | PBS NewsHour Weekend
A statue of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be built in her native Brooklyn, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.
cover News Sep 18, 2020, Friday
Majority Leader McConnell Promises A Quick Vote On Trump Court Pick | PBS NewsHour
The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just over six weeks before the election cast an immediate spotlight on the high court vacancy, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell quickly vowing to bring to a vote whoever President Donald Trump nominates.
cover News Sep 17, 2020, Thursday
Trump’s War On Mail-in Voting Suffers Setback In Pennsylvania | PBS NewsHour
Lawsuits around voting laws in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and a half-dozen other key states have been overshadowed by President Donald Trump’s frequent verbal attacks on mail-in voting and the United States Postal Service. But the court battles could play a far greater role than the president’s rhetoric in shaping how voters are able to cast their ballots in the middle of a pandemic.
cover News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
Pelosi Says House Will Remain In Session Until Lawmakers Deliver Rescue Package | PBS NewsHour
Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will remain in session until lawmakers deliver another round of COVID-19 relief. Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues on a Tuesday morning conference call that “we have to stay here until we have a bill.”
cover News Sep 10, 2020, Thursday
Lawsuit Says EPA Failed To Enforce Chesapeake Bay Pollution Caps | PBS NewsHour
The lawsuit says the EPA is allowing the two states to miss an upcoming deadline for meeting pollution-reduction goals.
cover News Sep 08, 2020, Tuesday
How To Help The Victims Of The California Wildfires | PBS NewsHour
California residents and first responders affected by the wildfires raging across the state will face a difficult recovery effort further complicated by the pandemic. Here's how you can help.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
WATCH: Kenosha Police Chief Says Officers Didn’t See Protest Shooter As Threat | PBS NewsHour
What the officers were driving into in this case, said Chief Mikinis, "was a shots fired complaint, not a shooting, not a person down complaint."
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
A New March On Washington Through The Eyes Of Black Families — Including Jacob Blake’s | PBS NewsHour
Thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Friday to commemorate the iconic 1963 March on Washington -- and to communicate a message of their own, calling for an end to the killing of Black Americans at the hands of police. Yamiche Alcindor reports and talks to Jacob Blake Sr., father of Jacob Blake, whose shooting this week by Kenosha police sparked new outrage.
cover News Aug 24, 2020, Monday
Thousands Allowed To Bypass Environmental Rules In Pandemic | PBS NewsHour
The AP's findings run counter to statements in late June by Susan Bodine, EPA's assistant administrator for enforcement, who told lawmakers the pandemic was not causing "a significant impact on routine compliance, monitoring and reporting" and that industry wasn't widely seeking relief from monitoring.
cover News Jul 03, 2020, Friday
Supreme Court Blocks Curbside Voting In Alabama
The U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision Thursday blocked a lower court ruling allowing curbside voting in Alabama and waiving some absentee ballot requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.
cover Health Feb 20, 2020, Thursday
Can AI flag disease outbreaks faster than humans? Not quite | PBS NewsHour
The first public alert outside China about the novel coronavirus came on Dec. 30 from the automated HealthMap system at Boston Children's Hospital.
0 Nation Oct 21, 2016, Friday
FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed? | PBS NewsHour
In 2006, the FBI warned that white supremacists infiltrating local and state law enforcement posed a threat to national security. Some are asking, what's been done to curb the trend in the decade since?