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Center for Responsive Politics
The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) is a non-profit, nonpartisan research group based in Washington, D.C., that tracks the effects of money and lobbying on elections and public policy. It maintains a public online database of its information. Politics Apr 21, 2021, Wednesday
GOP leadership bankrolls election objectors who lost PAC support • OpenSecrets
Members of GOP Leadership are bankrolling lawmakers who challenged the 2020 election results, helping offset the loss of corporate PAC money.
cover Politics Mar 17, 2021, Wednesday
‘Dark money’ topped $1 billion in 2020, largely boosting Democrats • OpenSecrets
The 2020 election saw more than $1 billion in dark money driven by an explosion of secret donations boosting Democrats.
cover Politics Mar 11, 2021, Thursday
Healthcare interests, restaurants among COVID relief bill winners • OpenSecrets
Healthcare companies, restaurants and airlines are among the interests that scored wins in the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.
cover Politics Mar 09, 2021, Tuesday
Biden nominee’s confirmation fight fueled by dueling ‘dark money’ groups • OpenSecrets
President Joe Biden’s associate attorney general nominee, Vanita Gupta, has become a prime target for secretly funded "dark money" groups.
cover Politics Feb 19, 2021, Friday
Unions spent big to boost Biden. Will he return the favor? • OpenSecrets
“I make no apologies. I am a unions man. Period,” Biden told supporters at his first campaign rally in 2019.
cover Politics Jan 19, 2021, Tuesday
Impeachment vote leaves GOP lawmakers’ 2022 chances uncertain • OpenSecrets
Ten Republican House lawmakers voted for impeachment on Jan. 6, which could lead to consequences for them down the line in 2022.
0 Politics Jan 15, 2021, Friday
Never-Trump ‘dark money’ group to spend millions backing Republicans who impeached Trump • OpenSecrets
Never-Trump Republican Accountability Project hopes to raise $50 million to support lawmakers who voted for impeachment.
cover Politics Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
Major GOP donors condemn lawmakers who incited Washington violence • OpenSecrets
After a day of Washington violence some top GOP donors condemned the violent mob and the lawmakers who incited them.
cover Politics Dec 16, 2020, Wednesday
Digital ad bans end for Georgia runoffs, opening the door to more ‘dark money’ • OpenSecrets
Digital ad bans end, opening the floodgates for more money from untraceable sources to pour into the Georgia Senate runoffs.
cover Politics Dec 09, 2020, Wednesday
Nine of the 10 most expensive Senate races of all time happened in 2020 • OpenSecrets
Nine 2020 Senate races broke spending records and incumbent Republicans won the majority. Nine of the most expensive races of all time.
cover Politics Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
GOP Senate groups have fives times more cash for Georgia runoffs • OpenSecrets
Senate Republican infrastructure has nearly $100 million left to spend in the fight over the Georgia runoffs.
cover Politics Dec 07, 2020, Monday
Biden campaign becomes first to raise $1 billion from donors • OpenSecrets
The Biden campaign is the first in history to raise $1 billion from donors, adding yet another broken record to the 2020 cycle.
cover Politics Nov 30, 2020, Monday
McConnell-linked super PACs dominate outside spending in Georgia runoffs • OpenSecrets
Super PACs linked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are outspending Democratic groups in the Georgia Senate runoffs.
cover Politics Nov 20, 2020, Friday
Despite some big losses, top spenders won 88 percent of 2020 races • OpenSecrets
Top spenders were the victors more often than not this year in federal races. But not all deep-pocketed Democrats won their races.
cover Politics Nov 17, 2020, Tuesday
McGrath launches super PAC to influence Georgia runoffs • OpenSecrets
Democrat Amy McGrath is spending her money further south, in Georgia, where the battle over control of the Senate continues.
cover Politics Nov 04, 2020, Wednesday
Senate Democrats raised record cash, but much went to losing candidates • OpenSecrets
Senate Democrats candidates raised unprecedented amounts of money, but large chunks went to candidates who lost big on Election Day.
cover News Oct 28, 2020, Wednesday
More Utah women are donating to Biden as Trump struggles with women voters • OpenSecrets
Utah women have donated far more in itemized contributions to the Joe Biden — who has raised $708,000 from women donors.
cover News Oct 28, 2020, Wednesday
2020 election to cost $14 billion, blowing away spending records • OpenSecrets
The total cost of the 2020 election will nearly reach an unprecedented $14 billion, making it the most expensive election in history by far.
cover News Oct 27, 2020, Tuesday
Lobbying spending stagnated in Q3 as stimulus deal faltered • OpenSecrets
Lobbying spending remained flat in the third quarter as lawmakers failed to come to an agreement on another stimulus package.
cover News Oct 23, 2020, Friday
Pro-Biden super PAC funds $100 million ad campaign with ‘dark money’ • OpenSecrets
A new pro-Biden super PAC that has spent $100 million in the final month of the 2020 election to back Joe Biden is funded by "dark money."
cover News Oct 21, 2020, Wednesday
Senate GOP ‘dark money’ group passing millions to super PAC, avoiding disclosure • OpenSecrets
Senate GOP leadership-aligned “dark money” group One Nation has funneled tens of millions of dollars into 2020 elections.
cover News Oct 16, 2020, Friday
Democratic Senate candidates have an unprecedented financial advantage • OpenSecrets
In the battle for the Senate, Democratic Senate candidates raised over $300 million more than Republicans, an unprecedented cash advantage.
cover News Oct 16, 2020, Friday
Tight Senate race in Kansas breaks spending records • OpenSecrets
With the election weeks away, candidates for the Senate seat in Kansas have seen an expensive and hard-fought race.
News Kansas
0 News Oct 15, 2020, Thursday
Greenfield outraises Ernst 4-1 in key Senate race • OpenSecrets
Between July and September, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) raised $21.5 million less than her opponent, Theresa Greenfield.
cover Politics Oct 08, 2020, Thursday
Trump made more than $200 million from foreign business interests since 2016 • OpenSecrets
President Donald Trump is making hundreds of millions from foreign business deals during his time in the White House.
cover News Oct 06, 2020, Tuesday
Never-Trump group is 2020’s top ‘dark money’ spender so far • OpenSecrets
Defending Democracy Together, one of the most prominent Never-Trump groups, isn’t disclosing its sources of funding.
cover News Oct 02, 2020, Friday
Political Ads Bombard Airwaves In Battle Over Supreme Court • OpenSecrets
Super PACs and dark money groups are spending millions on the battle over the open seat on the Supreme Court
cover News Oct 01, 2020, Thursday
2020 Election To Near $11 Billion In Total Spending, Smashing Records • OpenSecrets
The total cost of the 2020 election cycle will approach $11 billion, obliterating previous spending records.
cover News Sep 30, 2020, Wednesday
GOP Groups, Healthcare Industry Attack Democrats’ Public Option • OpenSecrets
GOP groups are attacking Democrats over support for a public health insurance option using talking points from a healthcare industry group.
cover News Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
RNC Transferring More Money To Swing States Than DNC • OpenSecrets
National party committees like the RNC are transferring millions to affiliates in swing states that could decide the fate of the election.
cover News Sep 25, 2020, Friday
NFL Owners Give Nearly 9-1 To Republicans, Including Trump
While players protest, NFL owners are spending their fortunes on political donations totaling $4.2 million so far this election cycle.
cover News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
Biden Outraised Trump 3-1 In August, Erasing Trump’s Cash Advantage
Joe Biden has erased President Donald Trump’s once-massive financial advantage that he’d been building up since the early days of his presidency.
cover News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
‘Dark Money’ Groups Gear Up For Supreme Court Battle As 2020 Election Nears
“Dark money” groups are projected to spend tens of millions of dollars on the battle over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat.
cover News Sep 21, 2020, Monday
Amid Deal Talks, TikTok, WeChat Turn To Lobbyists For US Support
TikTok and WeChat narrowly avoided a ban earlier this week by striking a deal with Oracle and Walmart. But it remains unknown if the deal will be enough.
cover News Sep 16, 2020, Wednesday
Senate Candidates Spend Record Sums On Online Ads
Senate candidates have turned to digital ads to rack in donors. The top 5 spenders have raised record amounts of funds thanks to Facebook and Google.
cover News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
Biden, Democratic Groups Target Latinos With Spanish Language Ads
Both Trump and Biden have been running Spanish language ads in swing states such as Florida & Arizona, hoping to increase support from Latino voters.
cover News Sep 15, 2020, Tuesday
Biden, Democratic Groups Target Latinos With Spanish Language Ads
Both Trump and Biden have been running Spanish language ads in swing states such as Florida & Arizona, hoping to increase support from Latino voters.
cover Politics Sep 11, 2020, Friday
Dark Money Groups Pouring Millions Into 2020 Political Ads With Even Less Disclosure
“Dark money” groups have spent more than $182 million on 2020 ads with only a fraction of that spending reported to the Federal Election Commission.
cover Politics Sep 10, 2020, Thursday
Giuliani Associate Sanctioned Over Foreign Interference In 2020 Election - OpenSecrets News
The Treasury Department sanctioned pro-Russian Ukrainian lawmaker (and Giuliani ally) Andriy Derkach over attempts to interfere with the election.
cover News Sep 10, 2020, Thursday
Here’s How USPS Competitors Are Distributing Campaign Cash
As Democrats protest changes to the USPS - competitors to one of the nation’s oldest institutions have increased their giving to federal candidates.
cover Politics Sep 04, 2020, Friday
Democrats Spend Big In North Carolina Senate Race As Mail-in Ballots Sent Out
Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is being outspent by his Democratic opponents, and liberal outside groups are spending big to unseat him.
cover News Aug 27, 2020, Thursday
Senate Primary Pits Kennedy Dynasty Against Longtime Progressive
Rep. Joe Kennedy has the family name on the line in the primary against incumbent Sen. Ed Markey, as the Massachusetts Senate race tightens.