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New York Magazine
New York is an American biweekly magazine concerned with life, culture, politics, and style generally, and with a particular emphasis on New York City. Bussiness Feb 03, 2021, Wednesday
The GameStop Rally Exposed the Perils of ‘Meme Populism’
Reddit’s short squeeze was not a populist challenge to the tyranny of finance capital — it just played one on CNBC.
0 Politics Dec 12, 2020, Saturday
A Moderate Biden Presidency Needs a Democratic Senate
Republican moderates are powerless under McConnell.
0 News Nov 19, 2020, Thursday
Trump Fraud Inquiries Include Write-offs to Ivanka: Report
New York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.
cover Politics Oct 28, 2020, Wednesday
Tucker Carlson: We Lost Only Copy of Documents Nailing Biden
Maybe see if a Canadian girlfriend from summer camp stole them?
cover News Aug 27, 2020, Thursday
NBA Players Reportedly Decide To Resume Playoffs: Updates
It’s not yet clear when play will resume, but Thursday’s playoff games have also been postponed.
cover Sports Aug 27, 2020, Thursday
The NBA Strike Is Jarring. That’s The Point.
A work stoppage was a completely reasonable — and courageous — reaction to the chaos going on outside basketball’s bubble.
0 News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
Why Trump’s Convention Gets Away With Violating Hatch Act
When Al Gore almost violated the Hatch Act, it was a scandal for years.
0 News Aug 26, 2020, Wednesday
Yale Professor Jed Rubenfeld Suspended For Sexual Harassment
The university found he had harassed students over decades. Rubenfeld says, “I became a target of people making false allegations.”
cover News Aug 23, 2020, Sunday
GOP Won’t Have 2020 Platform, Pledges Undying Trump Support
The RNC admits that the Republican Party is just a personality cult.
cover News Aug 09, 2020, Sunday
What We Know About Trump’s New ‘Executive Orders’
President Trump’s new ‘executive orders’ on unemployment insurance, eviction protection, student loan relief, and payroll taxes are more likely to prompt a constitutional crisis than provide economic relief to Americans struggling under COVID-19.
cover News Aug 07, 2020, Friday
U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump
The collusion is happening in plain sight.
cover News Aug 03, 2020, Monday
Two People Linked to Kanye West’s Campaign Have Ties to GOP
A 2020 Republican National Convention delegate from Vermont who is pledged to Donald Trump and a longtime GOP operative have both been connected to Kanye West’s presidential campaign.
cover News Aug 03, 2020, Monday
2 GOP Senators Oppose Filling Supreme Court Vacancy In 2020
Meanwhile, Democrats threaten to expand the court if McConnell doesn’t honor the rule he set in 2016.
cover News Aug 03, 2020, Monday
Kanye West Is Trying To Get On The Ballot In Wisconsin
Kanye West’s unorthodox 2020 presidential campaign is collecting signatures to get on the ballot in Wisconsin, Ohio, Arkansas, and West Virginia, but his campaign’s earlier efforts in Illinois and New Jersey may not survive legal scrutiny.
cover News Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
Trump And The GOP Establishment Are Falling Out Of Love
As Donald Trump’s odds of reelection dwindle, the marriage of convenience between the reality star and the conservative movement elite is starting to fray. If Republicans decide Trump is goner, that could influence the coronavirus relief bill.
0 News Jul 21, 2020, Tuesday
Shooting at Judge Esther Salas’s N.J. Home: What We Know
The son of federal Judge Esther Salas was killed in New Jersey on Sunday by an anti-feminist activist, Roy Den Hollander, who has since been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
cover News Jul 14, 2020, Tuesday
Facebook Still Doesn’t Get It
A lead organizer of the ad boycott targeting the company discusses why its response has been so discouraging.
cover News Mar 27, 2020, Friday
What Happens If a Presidential Nominee Contracts COVID-19?
If an actual or presumptive presidential nominee (like Biden or Trump) gets sick with coronavirus and is disabled or dies, there are party and constitutional provisions for securing a replacement, though it all depends on timing.
cover Law Jun 21, 2019, Friday
President Donald Trump Faces New Rape Accusation
The Elle advice columnist says the assault took place in Bergdorf Goodman.