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NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded on a mission to create a more informed public. Politics Jan 22, 2021, Friday
Lloyd Austin Confirmed As 1st Black Pentagon Chief In U.S. History : President Biden Takes Office : NPR
Austin's near-unanimous confirmation came despite concerns raised on both sides of the aisle that he hadn't been out of uniform for the legally mandated minimum seven-year period.
cover Politics Jan 21, 2021, Thursday
Biden Announces Executive Actions To Help Reopen Schools : President Biden Takes Office : NPR
The new measures would increase testing and access to personal protective equipment for schools, and create a centralized, national database of school coronavirus cases.
cover Health Jan 21, 2021, Thursday
COVID-19 Executive Orders Are Biden's Top Priority On Day 2 : President Biden Takes Office : NPR
President Biden laid out his COVID-19 strategy before he took office. On Thursday, he'll start implementing it with 10 orders and directives.
cover Politics Jan 21, 2021, Thursday
Biden To End Ban On Funding Groups That Provide Abortions Abroad : President Biden Takes Office : NPR
In a move requested by abortion rights advocates, Biden is preparing to overturn the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits U.S. aid to groups that provide or refer for abortion in other countries.
cover Politics Jan 20, 2021, Wednesday
Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock Sworn In As Georgia Senators : Inauguration Day: Live Updates : NPR
A Democratic majority, even a thin one, allows the party to set the chamber's legislative agenda and makes it easier to confirm Biden's Cabinet picks.
cover Politics Jan 13, 2021, Wednesday
Here's How Your Member Of Congress Voted On Impeachment : House Impeachment Vote: Live Updates : NPR
Ten Republican House members joined with all Democrats to impeach the president for a second time.
cover Politics Jan 12, 2021, Tuesday
Joint Chiefs Remind U.S. Forces That They Defend The Constitution : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR
The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a message noting that violence isn't covered by free speech, and the breach of the U.S. Capitol was an assault on the government.
cover Politics Jan 12, 2021, Tuesday
Facebook Removes 'Stop The Steal' Content; Twitter Suspends QAnon Accounts : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR
Twitter has suspended more than 70,000 accounts spreading the QAnon conspiracy theory since Friday. Facebook is removing content with the phrase "stop the steal."
cover Politics Jan 12, 2021, Tuesday
House Approves 25th Amendment Resolution Against Trump, Pence Says He Won't Invoke
The House of Representatives approved (223-205) a symbolic resolution urging Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump, after the president's No. 2 has expressed that he would not exercise that option. Health Jan 12, 2021, Tuesday
Trump Administration Makes Big Changes To Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout - Health News : NPR
1. to call on states to immediately expand the pool of people eligible to receive vaccines to those 65 and older; 2. stop holding second doses of the vaccines in reserve, and instead ship more doses to states right away.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
How Online Sleuths Identified Rioters At The Capitol : NPR
The riot appeared to be all chaos and anarchy. But as researchers gave the online video and photos closer scrutiny, they produced forensic evidence that has identified those involved.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
OCC Rule Would Force Banks To Lend To Firearms Companies And Payday Lenders : NPR
The Trump administration is trying to force banks to make loans to gun-makers and to finance payday lenders. Critics call the move bizarre. It's opposed by watchdog groups and banks.
cover Media Jan 08, 2021, Friday
Brian Sicknick: What We Know About Capitol Police Officer Who Died : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR
Brian Sicknick was a 42-year-old military veteran who had served in the Capitol Police for 12 years, according to a lawmaker, who said he "gave his life in the line of duty to keep us safe."
cover Law Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
Army Sec. Says A Temporary Fence Is Going Up Around U.S. Capitol : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said the 7-foot tall "non-scalable fence" will be in place for "at least" the next 30 days. McCarthy also said 6,200 members of the Guard will be in place by the weekend.
cover Politics Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
On Far-Right Websites, Plans To Storm Capitol Were Made In Plain Sight : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates : NPR
The groundwork for the attack on the U.S. Capitol was laid five years ago, say experts on extremism and social media — but one was surprised when this time, the rhetoric turned into real violence.
cover Politics Jan 07, 2021, Thursday
How U.S. Capitol Riot, Biden Certification Unfolded : NPR
A mob stormed the U.S. Capitol after President Trump urged supporters to march to the building to oppose the election results. Roughly 14 hours later, Congress affirmed Joe Biden's victory.
cover Politics Jan 06, 2021, Wednesday
Democrat Jon Ossoff Wins Georgia Runoff, Handing Democrats Senate Control : NPR
He defeated Republican David Perdue in a closely watched race, according to the Associated Press.
cover Politics Jan 06, 2021, Wednesday
Livestream: Congress Reconvenes Hours After Capitol Insurrection : Congress Reconvenes After Insurrection: Live Updates : NPR
Members of Congress reconvened after pro-Trump extremists stormed the Capitol and halted election certification proceedings.
cover Politics Jan 05, 2021, Tuesday
History Of Vice Presidents Counting Electoral Votes In Congress : NPR
Congress begins to add its imprimatur to last month's Electoral College vote. That congressional vote will be the final formality leading to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden two weeks later.
1 Health Dec 31, 2020, Thursday
Florida Becomes 3rd U.S. State To Identify New Coronavirus Variant : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
"The individual is a male in his 20s with no history of travel. The Department is working with the CDC on this investigation," Florida Department of Health officials announced Thursday.
cover Politics Dec 29, 2020, Tuesday
Jake Sullivan Slams Department Of Defense Over Transition: NPR
Jake Sullivan tells NPR in an exclusive interview that the transition isn't getting what it needs from the outgoing Trump administration to properly take power next month.
cover Politics Dec 27, 2020, Sunday
Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief And Spending Bills : NPR
President Trump has signed a coronavirus relief and spending package after threatening to derail the bill by calling for changes after it had passed Congress. Culture Dec 24, 2020, Thursday
Best TV Of 2020: Great Shows Brought Us Together In A Difficult, Distanced Year : NPR
COVID-19 precautions kept us physically apart, but Fresh Air TV critic David Bianculli says shows such as Schitt's Creek, Better Call Saul, Fargo and Lovecraft Country provided virtual connection.
cover Law Dec 22, 2020, Tuesday
Dominion Voting Systems Employee Sues Trump Campaign And Allies, Alleging Defamation : NPR
Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are among those named in the suit by Eric Coomer, Dominion's product security director, who is in hiding over threats stemming from conspiracy theories about his work.
cover News Dec 21, 2020, Monday
Congress Passes Roughly $900 Billion COVID-19 Relief Bill : NPR
The legislation extending aid to unemployed, providing money for vaccine distribution and a round of $600 stimulus checks was attached to an annual government funding bill that tacked on other items.
cover Politics Dec 19, 2020, Saturday
Biden Unveils His Climate Team, Promising To Fight 'With The Urgency It Demands' : Biden Transition Updates : NPR
President-elect Joe Biden says the people he has selected will lead his administration's "ambitious plan to address the existential threat of our time, climate change."
cover Politics Dec 18, 2020, Friday
Biden Team, Trump Defense Officials Spar Over Transition Meetings : Biden Transition Updates : NPR
President-elect Joe Biden's transition team said Friday that the Defense Department had canceled meetings and asked that the department reverse its decision.
cover Politics Dec 14, 2020, Monday
Who Are The Electors In The Electoral College And How Are They Picked? : Biden Transition Updates : NPR
Another official move in America's sometimes-convoluted presidential election process takes place Monday as the electors of the Electoral College cast their votes. It's one of the final steps in picking a president, but who are these electors and how do they get selected?
0 Media Dec 13, 2020, Sunday
Op-Ed Urging Jill Biden To Drop The 'Dr.' Sparks Outrage Online : NPR
An opinion column in The Wall Street Journal came under fire over the weekend for asking educator and incoming first lady Jill Biden — who holds two master's degrees and a doctorate in education — to stop using the title "Dr."
News WSJ
0 Politics Dec 13, 2020, Sunday
Biden Immigration Plan May Fall Short Of Activists' Demands : NPR
Joe Biden has promised to reverse the Trump administration's most restrictive immigration policies. But he did not include immigration as one of his four core priorities.
cover Politics Dec 12, 2020, Saturday
Biden Cabinet To Be Filled With People Who Served Obama, Too :NPR
President-elect Joe Biden has promised diversity, but so far, most his picks for Cabinet positions and top White House jobs share one common thread in their resumes.
News Cabinet
0 Tech Dec 11, 2020, Friday
'The Wrath Of Mark': 4 Takeaways From The Government's Case Against Facebook : NPR
Here are four key takeaways: In Facebook's words: "It is better to buy than compete" Prosecutors: Facebook 'buried' prospective rivals it didn't buy How have consumers been hurt by Facebook's alleged wrongdoing? The FTC looked at these deals years ago. What's different now? Health Dec 11, 2020, Friday
FDA OKs Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine For Emergency Use : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine is the first to receive an emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Officials say it may be ready for widespread inoculations within days.
cover Politics Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
What Is The Electoral College Safe Harbor Deadline? : NPR
Dec. 8 is known as the "safe harbor" deadline for states to certify their results. Past the deadline, Congress has significantly less latitude to intervene in the election results.
cover Politics Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
Biden Introduces Health Team, Including Becerra, Walensky : NPR
As cases of the coronavirus continue to spike throughout the country, President-elect Joe Biden has named his nominees and appointments for top health care positions.
cover Health Dec 08, 2020, Tuesday
FDA Analysis Supports Emergency Use Of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine : Shots - Health News : NPR
The Food and Drug Administration finds "no specific safety concerns" that would stand in the way of authorization of the vaccine for emergency use. Effectiveness is 95% after two doses.
cover Politics Dec 05, 2020, Saturday
Court Losses Pile Up For Trump In 6 States : NPR
The Trump campaign and allied Republicans had sought to overturn results in six states. "We don't need courts," Rudy Giuliani told Fox News, arguing state lawmakers can just declare Trump the winner.
cover Politics Dec 04, 2020, Friday
Asian American And Pacific Islander Turnout Helped Hand Biden Georgia : Biden Transition Updates : NPR
Asian American voter turnout was up 91% on Election Day 2020 compared to 2016. Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood with Asian Americans Advancing Justice's Atlanta chapter describes how activists made that happen.
0 Bussiness Dec 03, 2020, Thursday
Google Employees Call Black Scientist's Ouster 'Research Censorship' : NPR
The firing of a leading researcher on the ethics of artificial intelligence is reigniting debate over Google's treatment of employees who speak out, particularly women and people of color.
cover Politics Nov 25, 2020, Wednesday
Poised To Be America's 1st Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff Shakes Up Gender Stereotypes : NPR
With Kamala Harris poised to become the country's first female vice president, she brings with her another historic first: America's first second gentleman, her husband, Douglas Emhoff.
0 Politics Nov 20, 2020, Friday
Merrick Garland Could Be A Biden Pick For Attorney General, Sources Say : Biden Transition Updates : NPR
The federal judge and erstwhile Supreme Court nominee — whose case was never taken up by Senate Republicans — could be asked by the new administration to take the reins of the Justice Department.
cover Politics Nov 19, 2020, Thursday
Who Might Joe Biden Select To Lead The Justice Department? : NPR
Choosing an attorney general is a critical task for a new president in normal times.