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The Democrats Have A Dianne Feinstein Problem | The New Republic
Some in the party believe the 87-year-old senator is ill-equipped to lead the opposition to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee—so why won’t they do anything about it?
cover News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
Trump’s Campaign Doesn’t Need A New Manager. It Needs A New Candidate. | The New Republic
Brad Parscale’s demotion will do nothing to fix the president’s self-inflicted problems.
cover News Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
The Truth About Trump’s Evangelical Support | The New Republic
Evangelicals have successfully promoted a depoliticized vision of their movement. Its fundamental principles have plenty in common with Trump.
cover News Jul 14, 2020, Tuesday
The Pioneers of the Misinformation Industry | The New Republic
How thwarted Hollywood ambitions, Silicon Valley hubris, and a long war on objectivity gave rise to Drudge, Breitbart, and other right-wing media insurgents
cover News Jul 08, 2020, Wednesday
Trump’s Reopening Agenda Is Upending International Students’ Futures | The New Republic
“Is there going to be an injunction? Do we have months to years, or are we packing up right now?”