0 Politics Feb 02, 2021, Tuesday
Missouri's Hawley rewarded by donors after anti-election efforts
As Hawley's anti-election efforts are rewarded by donors, the system of incentives in Republican politics has become even more twisted.
cover News Oct 05, 2020, Monday
Secret Service Agent On Trump: 'He's Not Even Pretending To Care'
The relationship between Donald Trump and the Secret Service has long been strained. Over the last few days, it's grown vastly worse.
cover News Jul 21, 2020, Tuesday
Duckworth To DHS: 'Don't Even Think About' Sending Federal Police To Chicago
Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) reacts to reports that the Department of Homeland Security may send federal police officers to Chicago.
cover News Jul 20, 2020, Monday
Clinton On Russian Interference In US Elections: ‘What Happened In 2016 Is Sadly Underway Again’
On President Trump’s reluctance to criticize Russia from the 2016 election to the bounty plot, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, “I am glad that Vice President Biden, with all of his experience in foreign affairs … is trying to warn the American people that what happened in 2016 is sadly underway again.”