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Read All of Dominion Voting Systems' Demand Letters | Law & Crime
Dominion Voting Systems has sent a slew of retraction and/or record preservation demand letters as it threatens defamation litigation against numerous parties which Dominion's lawyers say falsely accused the company of orchestrating a conspiracy to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump and hand it to Joe Biden.
cover News Nov 21, 2020, Saturday
Judge Removes DOJ from Docket in E. Jean Carroll's Case Against Trump | Law & Crime
In late October, a federal judge denied the Department of Justice's effort to fend off rape allegations against President Donald Trump in a defamation suit on the taxpayer's dime, but the court's docket did not catch up with that reality for weeks. Politics Nov 10, 2020, Tuesday
Pamela Karlan Will Review Trump-era DOJ for Joe Biden | Law & Crime
One of three legal scholars House Democrats called almost a year ago to lay the groundwork for the impeachment of President Donald Trump got the nod on Tuesday to review the lame-duck administration's Department of Justice as part of President-elect Joe Biden's transition team.
cover News Sep 14, 2020, Monday
Whistleblower: There Were Mass Hysterectomies At ICE Facility | Law & Crime
Several legal advocacy groups on Monday filed a whistleblower complaint on behalf of a nurse at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center documenting "jarring medical neglect" within the facility, including a refusal to test detainees for the novel coronavirus and an exorbitant rate of hysterectomies being performed on immigrant women.
cover News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
Steve Bannon Granted $5 Million Bail Package | Law & Crime
Trump's former strategic mastermind will be released later Thursday on a $5 million bond secured by $1.7 million in cash and/or property with co-signors.
cover News Aug 06, 2020, Thursday
Dan Bongino Loses Defamation Lawsuit | Law Crime
In the beginning of a 18-page opinion released Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Jose E. Martinez, an appointee of President George W. Bush, uttered the key words that are almost always the death knell of defamation lawsuits: "Dan Bongino is a public figure."
cover News Jul 20, 2020, Monday
Fox News Responds After Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity And Other Talent | Law & Crime
Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), the 39-page complaint contains a trigger warning at the top (in red type, nonetheless) and documents a sweeping set of allegations against the conservative-leaning network's top talent and against the network itself.