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Feds Charge Pa. Cop For Rioting During Capitol Insurrection: 'I May Need A Job' | HuffPost
Patrolman Joseph Fischer, the feds say, charged at a police line at the U.S. Capitol and posted a video of it on Facebook. Bussiness Jan 27, 2021, Wednesday
The Redditors Have Revealed A Myth About The Stock Market | HuffPost
The stock market cannot cure what ails you.
0 Politics Jan 13, 2021, Wednesday
Days After Insurrection, House Republicans Are Furious... About Metal Detectors | HuffPost
At best, the lawmakers are embarrassingly entitled. At worst, they're sneaking weapons onto the House floor and terrifying colleagues.
cover Politics Jan 11, 2021, Monday
Congress Can Expel Members Who Supported Riot
If members of the House and Senate are upset that some of their colleagues supported and encouraged the violent mob that stormed the Capitol last week, They can kick them out.
0 Politics Jan 08, 2021, Friday
For Police, MAGA Insurrectionists Weren't A Threat. Black Lives Matter Was. | HuffPost
Before Trump’s extremist supporters stormed the Capitol, cops were accustomed to seeing them as allies.
1 News Nov 18, 2020, Wednesday
Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump's Unqualified Court Picks | HuffPost
Kathryn Kimball Mizelle has been practicing law only since 2012 and has never tried a case. The Senate made her a lifetime federal judge anyway.
cover Politics Nov 14, 2020, Saturday
COVID Vaccine Czar Awaiting Trump OK To Reach Out To Biden To Save Lives | HuffPost
“I hope nothing interferes” with Operation Warp Speed, said Moncef Slaoui, referring to the vaccine push. “It's a matter of life and death for thousands." The head of the Trump administration’s COVID-19 vaccine project is awaiting President Donald Trump’s crucial approval to interact with President-elect Joe Biden’s health team for a smooth transition that could save “thousands” of lives.
cover News Sep 29, 2020, Tuesday
Joe Biden Releases His 2019 Tax Returns | HuffPost
Biden's campaign posted his latest tax returns just days after The New York Times revealed that Donald Trump has paid very little in income taxes over th...
cover News Sep 20, 2020, Sunday
Supreme Court Hypocrite Lindsey Graham Blistered By Own Words In Lincoln Project Ad | HuffPost
The GOP senator who's in a tight race makes the "Hypocrite Hall of Fame" for The Lincoln Project and Lindsey Must Go Super PAC.
cover News Sep 14, 2020, Monday
Federal Judge Blocks USPS Notices With False Mail Ballot Info After Colorado Sues | HuffPost
Postal Service is fighting the order, seeking to continue mailing out the inaccurate postcards.
cover News Sep 01, 2020, Tuesday
Head Of USPS Board Of Governors Is Also Director Of Mitch McConnell Super PAC | HuffPost
Democrats have accused the Trump administration of sabotaging the postal system to hobble mail-in ballot delivery to Trump's advantage.
cover News Aug 28, 2020, Friday
White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police | HuffPost Canada
New data shows that far-right vigilantes, often with support from cops, have threatened protesters nearly 500 times since police killed George Floyd.
0 News Aug 20, 2020, Thursday
FBI Now Probing $300 Million Media Company Deal Linked To Steve Bannon: Report | HuffPost
The FBI and SEC launched an investigation after investors said they never received verification of their investments, sources told The Wall Street Journal.
cover News Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
Democrats Drop Demand To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform | HuffPost
Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris each ran on axing subsidies, but the party said including that in the final draft of the platform was an "error."
cover News Aug 13, 2020, Thursday
Donald Trump Can Do More Than Attack Post Office Funding. He’s Mounting A Legal War Against Mailed Ballots. | HuffPost
The president's attack on the U.S. Postal Service presages a legal fight to stop absentee ballots from being counted.
cover News Aug 11, 2020, Tuesday
Trump Has Nearly Eliminated Intelligence Briefings From His Schedule Entirely
A HuffPost analysis finds the president has averaged less than one a week since July 1, after the public learned of Russian bounties on murdered U.S. soldiers. News Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
Joe Biden Nears Final Decision On Running Mate | HuffPost
The leading contenders include California Sen. Kamala Harris, California Rep. Karen Bass and Obama national security adviser Susan Rice.
cover News Jul 30, 2020, Thursday
Trump Again Touts Mail-In Voting Conspiracy Theories After Floating Election Delay | HuffPost
The president said the election could be the “most rigged … in history” because of mail-in voting fraud. Voter fraud of all varieties is extremely rare i...
cover News Travis Waldron Jul 28, 2020, Tuesday
Department Of Homeland Security Has Always Been Controversial. Trump Has Made It Toxic. | HuffPost
Trump’s use of federal security forces against protesters in Portland has set up an inevitable battle over the role of America’s most dystopian federal a...
0 News Jul 28, 2020, Tuesday
Republicans Really Want To Block You From Suing Corporations Over Coronavirus Exposure | HuffPost
Any company doing a poor job of protecting people from COVID-19 would want to see this legislation become law.
cover News Jul 28, 2020, Tuesday
How Quack Doctors And Powerful GOP Operatives Spread Misinformation To Millions | HuffPost
A group calling itself “America’s Frontline Doctors” spread false information about COVID-19 with the help of Facebook, right-wing media and President Tr...
cover News Jul 28, 2020, Tuesday
This Was John Lewis' Final Message To Joe Biden | HuffPost
Biden said the civil rights legend, just days before he died, urged him to concentrate on efforts to repair the nation's divide.
cover Politics Jul 25, 2020, Saturday
Arizona Democratic Party HQ 'Completely Destroyed' In Arson Attack | HuffPost
"Our building has been completely ruined," the Maricopa County Democratic Party tweeted of the blaze that ripped through its Phoenix headquarters.
cover News Jul 24, 2020, Friday
How Low Can Dems Go On Unemployment Benefits? | HuffPost
Dealmaking is about to go down -- and so is that extra $600 a week in extra jobless benefits unless Democrats put up a big fight.
cover News Jul 21, 2020, Tuesday
Trump Has Unleashed Authoritarian Violence In Portland. What City Is Next? | HuffPost
From tear gas to kidnappings, the Trump administration has thrust America into a constitutional crisis.
0 Politics Jun 15, 2020, Monday
D.C. Statehood Gains New Support Among Senate Democrats After Trump Occupation | HuffPost
Proponents hope to secure a voting majority in both chambers of Congress in January 2021.
cover Politics Mar 11, 2020, Wednesday
Senate GOP Blocks Emergency Paid Sick Leave Bill From Moving Forward | HuffPost
The legislation put forth by Democrats would guarantee 14 days of paid leave for workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
cover Politics Arthur Delaney Feb 06, 2020, Thursday
Treasury Department Hands Over Hunter Biden Info After Withholding Trump's Tax Records | HuffPost
The impeachment trial is over, but Senate Republicans are pressing forward with an investigation into the Bidens.
cover Sports Jenna Amatulli Jan 27, 2020, Monday
Kobe Bryant Took Helicopters Around LA To Spend More Time With Family | HuffPost
The Los Angeles Lakers legend said in a 2018 podcast that even if he only got to spend 20 minutes in the car with his kids after school, "I want that."
cover News Jun 25, 2013, Tuesday
Voting Rights Act Section 4 Struck Down By Supreme Court | HuffPost
The Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, the provision of the landmark civil rights law that designates which parts o...