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0 Bussiness May 05, 2021, Wednesday
American economic confidence has returned to pre-pandemic levels | The Economist
Optimists have pulled even with pessimists | Graphic detail
cover Bussiness Dec 19, 2020, Saturday
Taming big tech - America and Europe clamp down on big tech | Leaders | The Economist
Trustbusters say they are going after the tech giants. Markets don’t take them seriously
cover Books Dec 05, 2020, Saturday
Cold comforts - Our books of the year | The Economist
They were about corruption, revolutionaries, Glasgow in the 1980s, John Maynard Keynes and musical lives
cover Politics Nov 14, 2020, Saturday
America’s allies should share the burden with Joe Biden | Leaders | The Economist
The Biden administration could do with a little more help from its foreign friends
Opinion Foreign
0 Politics Nov 04, 2020, Wednesday
Assimilation nation - Why Donald Trump exceeded expectations with America’s Latinos | United States | The Economist
Efforts to court America’s largest ethnic minority paid off
0 Politics Oct 29, 2020, Thursday
America’s election - Why it has to be Biden | Leaders | The Economist
Donald Trump has desecrated the values that make America a beacon to the world
0 Politics Oct 26, 2020, Monday
Novel justice - Amy Coney Barrett is set to transform America’s Supreme Court | United States | The Economist
The 115th justice cements a 6-3 conservative majority as the court confronts suits over voting rules in next week’s elections—and much more
0 Health Oct 10, 2020, Saturday
Land of the mask-free - The real lessons from Sweden’s approach to covid-19 | Leaders | The Economist
Sweden is held up as a champion of liberty. In fact it is the home of pragmatism
0 News Aug 22, 2020, Saturday
Angst In The Aegean - A Row Between Turkey And Greece Over Gas Is Raising Tension In The Eastern Mediterranean | International | The Economist
A plethora of countries is entangled in a string of disputes in the area
cover News Aug 04, 2020, Tuesday
Daily Chart - Microsoft’s Proposed Purchase Of TikTok Would Be Its Biggest Yet | Graphic Detail | The Economist
Big tech companies have spent billions gobbling up smaller firms in recent years. Microsoft has been the hungriest
0 News Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
No Canuck Do - Covid-19 Has Strained Canada’s Relations With America | The Americas | The Economist
Donald Trump wants Canada to open its border to Americans. Canadians say no
0 News Jul 21, 2020, Tuesday
To a T - Trials of a vaccine and new drug raise hope of beating covid-19 | Science & technology | The Economist
The latest tests with Oxford University’s vaccine, and interferon beta, look promising
cover News Jul 17, 2020, Friday
A Country’s Conscience - John Lewis Died On July 17th | Obituary | The Economist
The congressman and civil-rights activist was 80 News The Economist Jan 30, 2020, Thursday
Made in China - Will the Wuhan virus become a pandemic? | Leaders | The Economist
Probably. But public health services can help determine how severe it turns out to be