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0 Tech Dec 14, 2020, Monday
Next steps for the Foundation Conversation | Rust Blog
This post is going to discuss how the Foundation and the Rust project relate to one another.
cover Tech Dec 07, 2020, Monday
The Foundation Conversation | Rust Blog
This blog post announces the start of the “Foundation Conversation”. This is a week-long period in which we have planned a number of forums and opportunities where folks can ask questions about the Foundation and get answers from the Core team.
cover Tech Sep 03, 2020, Thursday
Planning The 2021 Roadmap | Rust Blog
The core team is beginning to think about the 2021 Roadmap, and we want to hear from the community. We’re going to be running two parallel efforts over the next several weeks: the 2020 Rust Survey, to be announced next week, and a call for blog posts.
cover News Aug 18, 2020, Tuesday
Laying The Foundation For Rust's Future | Rust Blog
Mozilla layoffs have generated a lot of uncertainty and confusion about the impact on the Rust project. This post is to address those concerns. We’ve also got a big announcement to make