slate-com-1594943729 Nov 05, 2020, Thursday
The Pennsylvania vote count is taking so long because the Republican Party slowed it down.
The same people complaining about delays thought delaying things would help them win.
Opinion Pennsylvania Cache Oct 31, 2020, Saturday
Texas Republicans ask federal judge to throw out ballots in Harris County.
A notoriously partisan judge will hear the case on Monday.
News Cache Oct 27, 2020, Tuesday
Brett Kavanaugh signals he is open to stealing the election for Trump.
News Cache Oct 06, 2020, Tuesday
Trump coronavirus: His cover-up was all about greed.
For two days, he deceived and endangered his supporters to get their money. Here’s how he did it.
News Cache Sep 24, 2020, Thursday
Republican Senator Proposes A Bill That Would Make It Illegal To Count Votes.
Sen. Rick Scott thinks we should have less than 48 hours to count mail-in ballots.
News Cache Aug 01, 2020, Saturday
TikTok Could Have Been China’s Nintendo.
Instead of a soft power win for Beijing, the blockbuster app has become a lightning rod for superpower conflict.
News Cache Jul 29, 2020, Wednesday
Trump’s Dismissal Of Russian Bounties Adds To His Record Of Treachery.
Once again, he defends our enemies and blames America.
News Cache Jul 24, 2020, Friday
The Paycheck Protection Program Was A Flop.
It helped the wrong businesses, saved too few jobs, and failed to stem an economic nightmare with no end in sight.
Opinion Cache Jul 16, 2020, Thursday
The Supreme Court Just Stopped 1 Million Floridians From Voting In November.
The justices refused to halt Florida’s poll tax on ex-felons—and didn’t bother explaining why.
News Cache May 26, 2020, Tuesday
A Federal Judge Sharply Limited Republicans’ Attack On Florida Amendment 4’s Voting Rights Expansion.
Florida’s voting restrictions are so Kafkaesque they’re unconstitutional.
News Cache Jan 22, 2020, Wednesday
The Supreme Court could force taxpayers to subsidize religious schools.
Once states provide public funds to private schools, are they obligated to fund parochial schools, too?
News Cache Brendan Fischer Jan 21, 2020, Tuesday
How Citizens United led directly to Trump’s impeachment.
As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial gets underway, a former Trump ally, Lev Parnas, has been throwing a wrench into the proceedings.
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