This Sense of Somebody-ness |
We think about race in America in glimpses. Multiple lenses are needed to illuminate the long histories of injustice, oppression
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‘The Letters of Cole Porter’ amount to the last word on a madcap existence |
Editors Cliff Eisen and Dominic McHugh weave the composer’s correspondence into a mostly tidy account.
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André Aciman Talks 'Find Me' and 'Call Me by Your Name' |
The follow-up to a beloved novel of gay romance continues André Aciman’s exploration of desire that tests convention: “It’s not
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Newsletter: Father Gregory Boyle brings 'Barking to the Choir' on Dec. 16 - Los Angeles Times |
The L.A. Times Book Club will read "Barking to the Choir" by Homeboy Industries founder Gregory Boyle.
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Mutual Admiration Society by Mo Moulton review – the pioneering club of Dorothy L Sayers |
A famous crime novelist, an am-dram star and ‘the Moss Side tigress’ in a tribute to female friendship
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Book Review: In 'Crime In Progress,' Fusion GPS Chiefs Tell The Inside Story Of The Steele Dossier |
Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch reveal the hows and whys of the whirlwind they uncorked by commissioning Christopher Steele to i
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The diversity industry is worth billions. But what do we have to show for it? |
A new book out today, ‘Diversity, Inc.,’ looks beyond the corporate hype to reveal if there’s been any actual progress toward eq
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Despite spending billions, companies can’t buy diversity |
Pamela Newkirk explores the failures — and one success — of corporate diversity initiatives.
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Band of Outsiders |
There are two stories, one might say, being told at the American Folk Art Museum’s current show “Memory Palaces: Inside the Coll
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Gene Kelly's 'Singin' in the Rain' Is Musical Perfection |
The 1952 film exemplifies the key elements of a beloved Hollywood genre.
Joan Didion's California captured in sweeping new collection - Los Angeles Times |
Library of America collection tracks Joan Didion's emergence through her 1960s and ’70s works
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The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante review – a rebel rich girl comes of age |
Italians who queued up into the night for the reclusive writer’s new tale of painful adolescence won’t be disappointed
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Against Economics |
There is a growing feeling, among those who have the responsibility of managing large economies, that the discipline of economic
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Review: San Diego to San Francisco: An artful tale of walking California |
Two vast private ranches lie just north of Santa Barbara, the path blocked by a locked gate and a guardhouse, with roads patroll
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Book Review: Stan Lee Held High In 'A Marvelous Life' As The Man Who Made Superheroes Matter |
In 2018, Marvel Studios released Black Panther. The film grossed 1.3 billion dollars and was nominated for 7 Oscars including Be
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有什么值得推荐的历史书籍? |
葛剑雄教授曾指出,绝对的真实历史是永远无法获得的,就像绝对真理一样。但是,真实的历史依然是历史学家永恒的追求,因为离开了真实,史学就没有任何价值,就不成其为科学。但是如果我们把真实理解为相对的、可以逐步接近的,对真实的追求就是可行的。 信了虚假的史料,或
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Save Us from Your Followers |
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California writers explore our past, promises in a trio of books |
The state of California, physically and metaphorically, is always shifting. Once the symbol of raw American promise for gold-see
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汉语很美,为什么我们感觉不到呢? |
“他们说,汉语很美,可我为什么感觉不到呢?” “那是因为,你还没有读到合适的文字,没有遇到合适的作者。” 在刚刚结束的“每天一千字”第21季里,我推荐了两本书。它们语感一流,行文洗练,文字之间,情深义重,所关者大,而且,两位作者都不是专业作家,但一书付印
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